6 Top Azure cloud services for Java developers

6 Top Azure cloud services for Java developers

October 21, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft

A public cloud platform, Microsoft Azure provides IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, and a serverless option, among other cloud computing services. Since Azure’s cloud services are based on virtualized architecture, even the most complex applications can quickly be developed and managed. It works with various programming languages, storage systems, OSes, and frameworks. 

Azure services aimed at professionals and enterprises provide comprehensive alternatives for conventional business procedures, with the best Azure services substantially boosting productivity. To meet your requirements, your organization may hire Java developers in-house or contract with a company specializing in creating reliable Java software.   

Can You Explain What a Java Developer Does? 

Like those working in other high-level languages, Java developers are responsible for many responsibilities throughout the application development lifecycle, from ideation to testing.  

The following are some potential additional duties that someone could be assigned:  

  • Help shape the creation of infrastructure  
  • Set aside blocks of time to work on software, including time for testing, coding, and fixing issues.  
  • Production Issues and Possible Remedies  
  • Making up needs as they go along  
  • Application software development, testing, deployment, and upkeep  
  • Propose enhanced approaches to the current Java software process.  
  • Make blueprints for future software development.  
  • Develop your applications from scratch with Java. 

Cloud Services from Azure for Java Developers 

1) Azure SQL Database 

Backups, monitoring, patching, and upgrades are some administrative duties that may be automated with a platform as a service (PaaS) solution like Azure SQL Database. Azure SQL works well without human intervention, so it’s one of the top Azure services. 

Built-in PaaS capabilities in Azure SQL database facilitate the management of industry-specific databases and provide fine-tuning of operations for maximum productivity. Based on Microsoft’s SQL server, Azure SQL database engines get frequent updates to ensure they always run the most current, safe version. The OS has been updated to guarantee 99.99% availability. 

The Azure SQL database is one of the best services for handling relational and non-relational data formats, including JSON, Spatial, graphs, and XML. Modern cloud applications need reliable and scalable data storage, where the Microsoft Azure SQL database comes in.

2) Azure Backup 

Data loss due to ransomware or human mistake is a harsh reality. Still, luckily Azure Backup provides easy-to-use solutions for protecting your data inside the Azure Web app services. SQL workloads and virtual machine data may be backed up cheaply using this method. 

In addition to Azure Backup, tools like Windows VSS Snapshot and Linux Freeze might help preserve data integrity. Azure’s backup mechanism allows for more effective time management and completion of projects. 

3) Active Directory Azure 

Azure AD provides a directory and identity management. The on-premises Microsoft Active Directory service has been replaced. It lets companies restrict employee cloud service usage. Azure SSO and multi-cloud support are available. 

Businesses of any size may utilize it because of its high availability and scalability. Easy to set up and operate, it connects effectively with Azure’s other services. 

4) Azure App Service 

Web application development and hosting are two primary use cases for Azure App Service. It’s Microsoft’s take on the popular PaaS model.  

Creating and hosting web apps in the cloud is a breeze with Azure App Service. It offers a controlled setting with all the hardware and software required to build, release, and scale a website. 

Support for several web development frameworks, automated scalability, and high availability are just a few advantages that make Azure App Service appealing to programmers. 

5) Azure Functions 

When using Azure Functions, programmers may build event-driven programs in the cloud. This paves the way for developers to create applications that act in response to specific triggers, such as user input or a predetermined amount of time. 

Because it is a serverless service, developers do not need to bother setting up and maintaining servers—Azure does it for them. This simplifies the onboarding process for Azure Functions. 

It’s easy to scale up and utilize for processing massive data sets. Also, it is incredibly efficient, which means that developers will spend less money on computing. 

6) Virtual Machines 

The purpose of Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Machines service, offered via the cloud, is to simplify the process of setting up and maintaining virtual machines. 

Programmers often use them as a means of simulating a variety of situations for testing software. Companies who wish to utilize the cloud to run older software might also benefit from virtual machines. 

Users may choose from many different sizes of Azure Virtual Machines. Operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD, are available to users. Users of Azure Virtual Machines only pay for the time they spend using them. 


Why Should You Consider Hiring Java Developers When You Have Vacancies? 

Now is the moment to search for a Java development company to hire Java Developer. Many companies now use third-party companies to do their Java programming for them.  

The Java community is dynamic and constantly evolving. Therefore, while we adopt cutting-edge innovation, it is crucial to keep in mind the expertise of Java programmers. 

A software engineer with extensive experience in frameworks is probably not the best candidate for your team. Developers working in the Java environment need the ability to write readable code and familiarity with the language’s standard libraries and frameworks. Additional questions should be asked of a Java developer whose CV highlights a better mastery of Java over supporting tools and libraries. 

Without a solid understanding of Java’s libraries, tools, and documentation, developers will be forced to start from scratch, wasting time and money. This is a significant drawback compared to a developer proficient in using Java libraries and frameworks.  

Java developers bring much information, experience, skill, and skills to the table, all of which will increase sales. Companies considering implementing cutting-edge technologies like the cloud and AI should hire Java developers. 


One way to show that you’ve reached the top of the Java developer food chain is to get an Azure certification. Microsoft Azure is the most popular cloud platform companies use worldwide for their cloud-based solution requirements. 

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