Advanced Document Management System to Manage Business Documents

Advanced Document Management System to Manage Business Documents

April 26, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Digital Solutions

A document management system is software that stores, manages, and tracks electronic documents. Pharma companies and medical researchers usually use it. Any research-based industry can use it like medical or other. This software helps manage the documents and keep track of them. It prevents making multiple copies of the same documents hence avoids chaos. And it also helps save paper and space due to the nonexistence of records.

Research-based industries usually use it as they have the most paperwork. One set of papers needs approval from many people, which can cause chaos and multiple copies of the same document. Document management system helps avoid this as it creates one copy of the document and gives the creator permission for editing and reading.


Document Management Sytem Features

1. Simplifies managing document: 

As the document is saved in electronic form, it becomes easy to store and manage it. It makes creation, organization, and tracking more accessible for the end-user.

2. Built-in document management and workflow:

It has built-in document management and workflow for editing, reviewing, approving, and publishing the content/document. 

3. The flexibility of access:

The documents are saved on the cloud, and thus they can be accessed from anywhere at any time and on any device.

4. Decrease cost and increase efficiency:

This software decreases the organization’s cost by saving paper and space and saving documents on the cloud. And this makes finding documents easy and editing and approving, which increases the employee’s efficiency.

5. Task reassignment:

If one employee is on leave, then the task can be assigned to someone else on their behalf with this software. 

6. Reminder:

The software sends automatic reminders at proper intervals to the author to update current document statuses.

7. Approval:

The software allows one author to approve the document and send it forward for subsequent approval. Until the previous person does not approve the document, the next one doesn’t receive the right to do so.

8. Tracking made easy:

The file is saved on the cloud, and thus it can be tracked easily. The file is saved under one name, and no multiple copies are generated. Thus, the software finds it easy to track and find the file.

9. Security:

When the documents are in a hard copy, how much ever you take care of the security issues will occur, least to say theft or getting lost. The only air-tight security assurance is when the documents are saved in electronic form on the cloud. This gives assurance that the original file never gets lost or destroyed. 

10. Save documents from unauthorized access:

The people who have the authority can only access the document, and no one else can. Also, not everyone can get access to it, and not anyone can give access to it. And thus, the document is saved from any unauthorized access, and no malpractice can be done with this.

11. Document printing:

The printing of documents can only happen with user control rights and only when the author permits, so no illegal printing can happen and be misused.

12. Digital signature:

As the documents are in a digital form, the digital signature is used for user authentication. This helps you know who all users logged in to the documents and used them.

Industries that use this:

  • Healthcare and pharma
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail and consumer goods
  • Wholesale and distribution

Why should you use Document Management System?

1. Reduced storage space:

The documents are saved online in a digital form, and thus a lot of physical storage space is saved. All the files, folders, and stuff can be saved electronically, and so the office doesn’t need cabinets and bins and rooms just for papers that eventually become hard to find in such a big pile. Even finding these documents becomes easy by just entering the name of the file.

2. Enhanced security:

DMS provides control over the access of documents and keeps any sensitive data secured and private. Also, it leaves a trail of accessed documents like who accessed it and how many times it has been modified, thus making it highly traceable.

3. Easier retrieval:

Document retrieval is not only a lengthy process but also a costly one. A lot of time and money is wasted in this process manually. DMS saves the day here as it retrieves the document word by word and its amalgamation with business application adds accessibility to critical information.

4. Better collaboration:

DMS helps to access content and make collaboration easy. Different documents can be accessed from numerous locations that are captured from different sources. 

5. Better backup and disaster recovery:

Any document storage plan needs a robust backup and disaster recovery plan. DMS has a digital archive as a backup, and thus, the documents are saved from the flood, fire, and any other disasters. And document tracking capabilities help reduce losing and misfiling.

6. Increased productivity:

DMS has features that enhance productivity. Faster file retravel saves a lot of time and money, and saving files online saves space and secures files and any sensitive data. Also, files saved here can be accessed from any device at any time and place as long as you have an internet connection.

Thus, DMS is an essential software to save documents electronically and secure sensitive data there. It helps quickly retrieve data and also increases productivity as it can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

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