Advanced Threat Intelligence Features in Office 365 Government Can Help Your Organization

Advanced Threat Intelligence Features in Office 365 Government Can Help Your Organization

May 16, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Intelligent Security, Microsoft 365

The worth of modern and intelligent threat protection is colossal and limitless in the public sector and government agencies. To achieve such niche and excellence, you need to make a rational choice for a technology whose implications would encapsulate a radical change and remarkable operational drive with a phenomenal security framework that one has never experienced before.

Nearly 50% of the world’s government officials have identified IT innovations as a solution to their governance problems, 23% of public servants believe they need more robust security measures to safeguard their critical data, and 10% of policymakers & lawmakers think that using digital technologies is the primary way to improve transparency and accountability in our existing governance scenario.”—-Research

Microsoft 365 ATP suite would be one such technology that can leverage the government sector with exceptional benefits in regard to threat protection across every touchpoint of any department.

Microsoft Recent Announcement to Protect Government Database

The technology giant Microsoft recently announced the launch of a US government cloud environment known as Office 365 Government Secret that extensively deploys support to US Federal Civilian, Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community (IC), and US government partners working within the Secret enclave with software as a service (SaaS) framework.

With the new features and functionalities of this Office 365 cloud environment, the US government can now ensure an intelligent and secured framework for its large public sector and its respective departments.

How Advanced Threat Intelligence Features Secure Government Sectors?

To ensure compliance and hi-tech security behavior, Advance data governance has become a vital prospect for the public sector and government agencies. The fundamental needs can be summarized into the following blocks

360 Degree policy implementation

For the sake of holistic policy and norms implementation, data governance is a must for the government organization. Thus, the O365 advanced threat protection is rapidly getting popular in the market.

Protection of data from threats and malware

To protect vulnerable data from malicious threats, external attacks, and malware, Office 365 deploys full-fledged protection for government bodies and the public sector. This has been the reason that Office 365 Government Azure advanced Threat Protection is relentlessly getting recommended by Microsoft 365 consultants these days.

Safe data migration

Migrating from on-premises to cloud infrastructure has been initiated by most of the organizations including government organizations and agencies. Thus, to ensure a safe data migration one has to count on an Office 365 consultant for the government.

Stop authority violation

To incorporate complete threat protection across government organizations, you first need to ensure that the information authority is not violated. Office 365 suite for government is best for this business.

Encourage visibility and authenticity

With the dynamic features of Office 365 advanced threat management, Government services can now maintain clear visibility and improved authenticity throughout any service in the public sector. Microsoft’s leading partner atQor has an overall potential to do the same.

Office 365 Promises the Security of Government Employees

The gaining acceleration of innovation in technical enforcement signifies that government agencies will come across new threats every now and then. Not only is the wide variant of attacks outplaying the available IT resources but there is a long list of regulation issues required for data protection that has to be resolved by technology like Office 365 to incorporate the security solution.

However, atQor’s Office 365 customized suite of threat protection solutions comes with many modern security traits and compliance capabilities; few of them are even in-built along with the system. To make sure that your organization remains safe at an affordable and budget-friendly price, Microsoft 365 is best for the business. Now you can protect, detect, and respond to cyberattacks by using a collection of Microsoft’s threat protection services.

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Microsoft 365 ATP: A One-Stop Solution for Government Agencies!

If you are the decision-maker of any public sector and government body and want to encourage security, threat protection, and remote cultural success, Office 365 is undoubtedly a one-stop solution for any department and vertical over any touchpoint of the service industry.

Be it telecommunication, railways, airlines, defense, national security, administration, bureaucratic house, or other service delivery departments, Office 365 as a customized solution is available with keen IT professionals of atQor.

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