Analytics and Insight- Feasible solutions to today’s business’s problems

Analytics and Insight- Feasible solutions to today’s business’s problems

June 7, 2021 | Digital Marketing, AI

Analytics is the discovery of patterns and trends derived from data. It is how you perceive the data and make proper sense out of it to derive meaningful trends and insights.

Insights are the values obtained using analytics. Analytical insights are extremely important and influential that can be used to grow business while recognizing growth opportunities.

The real value of data analysis is in its ability to deliver rich insights.

Many sources and applications are used to derive insights from analytics. Professionals are hired to do so. These professionals derive fore sighting and extremely helpful insights to the organization.

Various indicators help analyze data and derive insights. E.g., Google analytics.

In organizations with big data solutions, there is always a need for professionals to process the data and procure insights.

The problems organizations are facing today have affected the analysis and insights of the company. This is caused due to lack of professionals with proper knowledge of data analysis and the failure of solution sites in providing new or timely insights or not measuring through appropriate indicators.

Some below are the problems faced by organizations and solutions for the same.

Unable to provide new insights:

Sites fail to provide valuable insights because of overwhelming receipts of data. Organizations collect data faster than they can analyse. The amount is higher than its capacity, and thus sites and professionals fail to process it and derive conclusions. This can be either because of outdated infrastructures and slow or manual processes that don’t meet the needs of the business. In addition, data pipelines are not equipped for AI/ML model creations.

atQor uses AI and Analytical services to process the data, capture meaningful insights, and unlock efficiencies. It discovers the context of the data set and segmentation to derive desired actions.

Managing unstructured data: 

Managing unstructured data is also a big task as many new and essential data do come along, but the volumes can be challenging to handle and get through.

atQor helps in managing the unstructured data by collecting the relevant data to the needs. Cleaning the data by eliminating unimportant information and implementing tools to help process the important data. 

Cloud computing- a liability:

Cloud computing is seen as another option to access and process data. But with big data, it’s instead a liability than an asset because most clouds aren’t structured to handle such extensive and complex data in such high-speed volumes, which would result in slowing of speed and downtime, thus putting pressure on the organization and preventing them from realizing the full potential of the data. 

atQor gives a solution for this issue:

  1. It uses experts in the field to process data through cloud computing and thus makes it simpler to process, not affecting the speed.
  2. It utilizes the data so that cloud computing becomes an important asset for analytical insights.
  3. It sees to the fact that the speed doesn’t decrease, nor is there any downtime, and that saves the time of the organization.

Security threat:

Big data is hard to secure complete, and to err is human. So, ways like granular access, i.e., the access to be given as per the role’s requirement only. 

atQor bifurcates data into segments and gives access according to the department’s need, so there is no breach of content or unnecessary flow of content out of context. This helps secure data and omits any possibility of leakage of data, thus securing it.

To summarize this, there are various problems that the organization faces regarding analytics and insights.  

And atQor, being more than a decade-old Microsoft Gold partner, has the technology, the expertise, and the consultation and advisory personnel with the necessary skills and experience of the same. Thus, atQor helps in collecting, sorting, and managing big data. It also helps obtain meaningful and latest insights that can help the company with its growth and future decisions.

It helps the organization unlock its efficiencies through Insights, analytics, and AI services. This helps the organization ease its work and capture meaningful insights.

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