Assimilate The Cloud Platform With atQor’s Azure Services

Assimilate The Cloud Platform With atQor’s Azure Services

May 17, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Azure

The value of cloud-driven services is not concealed or confined to a specific industry anymore. To defy the rigidness and limited capabilities of on-premises infrastructure and explore the infinite possibilities of cloud computing reinforcement, atQor, as a frontline certified partner of Microsoft has given a long queue of Azure-enabled services, including Azure Service Bundle, Azure Silver package, Azure Gold Service bundle and many more.   

These specially designed and customized subscriptions of atQor are often counted as a one-stop solution for the widening of the capabilities and enhancement of operational delivery based on Azure cloud solutions for business.  

The Leading Packages Transforming Your Business!  

Azure Environment Assessment Bundle:   

To enhance the utility and facilitation of cloud service, atQor brings for you, Azure Environment Assessment Bundle. So, let’s check out the frontline capabilities of this service.

  • The subscription highly aims at  
  • Accelerating the cloud adoption journey  
  • Improve cloud maturity with competitiveness and resilience  
  • Build a reliable cloud architecture  
  • Incorporate better cloud governance  
  • Improve Azure security framework  
  • Set a standard compliance benchmark  
  • Streamlining scalability  
  • Establish protected infrastructure   
  • Leverage cloud migration   

Azure Silver Service Bundle:  

As a certified Gold Partner, atQor offers you another beneficial subscription with the name of Azure Silver Service Bundle having unique abilities of operational niche.

  • Improved surveillance and report building  
  • Best cost-management and budget strategy  
  • AI-based rooted data and infrastructure governance  
  • Offers Automation-as-a-service  
  • Round-the-clock customer support   
  • High service management  
  • On-Demand Subject matter expert  
  • Prioritize cloud functionality  
  • SaaS, PaaS and IaaS assessment  
  • Getting a higher Return on Investment   

Azure Gold Service Bundle

Our team of IT professionals offers you the Azure Gold Service Bundle that leverages the workflow and data management of the company.

  • Smart Azure Services for Advancing Enterprise Flexibility  
  • Scalable automation and rapid innovation  
  • Configuration of cloud architecture  
  • Integrated SIEM facilitation  
  • Well-designed assessment  
  • Azure resource management   
  • Scalable service charges  
  • Cost-effective management and budget-friendly strategy  
  • Company and its operational modernization  
  • Harnessing the cloud features for attaining business goals   

Choose Your Subscription from atQor  

A workplace that encourages a unique Azure identity and operational deployment of the cloud is something that we highly aim for. Crossing the boundary of traditional business delivery has become obsolete in the market, and customized cloud solutions have become an imperative need for today’s business era. This has paved the path for the wide adoption of cloud subscriptions and packages.   

With the broad assessment of Azure Managed services offered by atQor, there are innumerable giants in any market that have started from scratch and led their company to the success zone.   

Thus, whether you belong to any industry, retail, healthcare, education, tourism, pharmaceutical, hospitality, or Information technology, our cloud service is a blue-chip investment for your business.  

So, choose your own package from our list that is feasible for your company and get on the voyage of marking new heights in the market.   

We offer you a wide variety of solutions regarding the cloud ecosystem, and it’s up to your IT decision makers which solution they will choose to improve and make them grow.   

atQor’s Azure Solution: A Necessity for Your Business!  

Gone are those days when hard drives and physical data centers were the foremost requirements of the business. Today we are on the verge of adopting robotics technology. The whole world has witnessed the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Amidst this technology-oriented era, Not adopting the cloud solution and a service provider deploying it would be the biggest mistake.  

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