Azure Benefits that Every Start-Up Must Know About!

Azure Benefits that Every Start-Up Must Know About!

February 26, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Azure

Microsoft Azure is the foremost choice for aspiring start-ups in the market when it comes to the storage, processing, sharing, and accessibility of data and information. There is no better option than Azure migration that could unshackle the burden of heavy hardware investment and in-house storage facilitation. With Azure cloud, you can work on your data online, anywhere, and from any device. These phenomenal capabilities to lubricate the business workflow have made Azure sell like a hot cake in the start-up market. The goal-driven guaranteed operational behaviour that was tough to attain with the traditional business method is now at the doorstep of entrepreneurs and newbies.

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  • Microsoft Azure and its Consulting Services
  • Benefits of Azure for Start-ups
  • BizSpark, A Start-Up-Driven Vision!
  • atQor, A leading Microsoft Azure Consultant

Microsoft Azure and its Consulting Services

An open-source cloud platform operated by Microsoft grants the user to build, run, and operate new applications, further managing existing applications, and services. Given the attributes and capabilities that integrate with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to serve a better outcome, the Azure cloud has become an indispensable service in any industry and marketplace.

The advanced support and expedition deployed by Azure consultants like atQor always filter out from the top-notch technical validation, ensuring the quality delivery and maintenance of services. The in-depth expertise of such consultation aims to address the complex need and problems with unique business solutions propelled by automation, modern operation, and remarkable optimization.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure for Start-Ups

Azure Benefits

Why is Azure the First Choice for Start-Ups?

Statistics made by Forbes says that: 63% of enterprises are currently running apps on Microsoft Azure, second only to AWS. 6% of enterprises are spending at least $1.2 million annually on Microsoft Azure. Azure is narrowing the gap with AWS in both the percentage of enterprises using it and the number of virtual machines (VMs) enterprises are running on it.

So, Let’s analyze some of the prominent reasons for Azure being the hot favorite of start-ups:

Easy Usage and Deployment: Most of the IT professionals working in the small, medium, to global size organizations confessed that the features of Azure are comparatively user-friendly and easily deployable. The instinctive features and pay-as-you-go model can lure the IT team of any start-up of a diverse range. It gives you the liberty to work with the data, application, tools, services, and framework as per your need. On top of that, Azure also supports a broad range of operating systems and programming encryption followed by open-source technologies, datacentres, and devices.

Cost-Effective: Azure solutions and services often restrict the flow of expenses and capital investment. The on-premises database always demands a big investment in hardware devices and software. On top of that, you need to incorporate an additional workforce to maintain such equipment and infrastructure. Microsoft brings to you an acute solution to the problem. The cloud service of Azure needs no maintenance and additional employees to sustain its durability. Azure Cloud Consulting service provider helps you out with a subscription package that can be renewed from time to time as per the requirement and feasibility of the company.

BizSpark deployed by Azure is a start-up inclined program where the respective newbie would have 5 free accounts for using certain development software. This sort of facilitation is too good for the companies starting with a limited budget.

Data Protection & Disaster Recovery: Security and compliance guarantee is something that any company would eagerly look for, and till now, Azure has been a reliable cloud computing platform that ensures the safety of data and resources. With multi-factor authentication and a secure sign-in method, Azure offers a pre-defined and effective shield for the enterprise data and resources. Apart from that, tremendous working speed and decentralized infrastructure open the door to disaster recovery. The real-time work would remain unfazed while the data will get recovered. So, Protection against malicious attacks and mitigating the loss of data have made Azure Consulting Service a prior need for any business.  

Highly Scalable: A colossal competitive advantage that Microsoft Azure puts on the table is that the service can be up-scaled and down-scaled as per the company’s requirements. The adoption of vertical scaling has made the business highly flexible and vibrant. On top of that, the automated scaling lately available has also been a boon for growing start-ups in the market.

A Broad Range of Applications: A wide range of accessibility is available through Azure, including Visual Studio Team Services and Visual Studio Application. Also, it’s feasible to move an application right from the test to the creation stage through an internationally conveyed network. Little organizations can make enormous reserve funds through the gigantic authorizing limits that are presented for relocating their present applications to Azure. 

BizSpark, A Start-Up-Driven Vision!

Azure Consulting

atQor, A Leading Microsoft Azure Consultant

atQor, the most preferred Gold Partner of Microsoft, has often been regarded as leading in private, public, and hybrid cloud deployment services. Propelled with the inclusion of AI and ML, our Azure consulting services have flipped the operational approach of countless companies, enterprises, firms, and start-ups. As mentioned above, the pay-as-you-use feature leverages any business or pioneer to shorten the budget margin with higher functionality and investment return.

Our team of experts and IT professionals have made visible benchmarks in the market that proved atQor to be the leading body in Azure solution deployment.

So, if you are willing to start with any business, we can collaborate our services with your vision, objective, and possibility. To get the most out of your digital investment and take your business beyond the boundaries of excellence we aspire for.   

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