Unfold a better Employee Experience Solution; Attend atQor’s Webinar on eConnect

Unfold a better Employee Experience Solution; Attend atQor’s Webinar on eConnect

October 22, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Digital Solutions

Be ready to savor the greatest Employee Experience Solution with atQor. Being a spearhead Gold Partner of Microsoft, we are more than happy to bring a completely permeable webinar for any business of the current marketplace. An optimized employee experience is essential for the best digital engagement, and atQor aims to deliver you the same. 

With an advanced eConnect solution, you can converge all the necessary applications and platforms in a single window frame, boosting your operations’ productivity and leveraging it with an entirely new user experience. 

So, The major benefits of our eConnect solution would be:

Task assessment & tracking: 

  • Service Optimization Survey 
  • Monitoring team performance 
  • Verifying performed tasks 
  • Self-service opportunity 
  • Dashboard for multi-platform 
  • Acquire insight into team statuses 
  • Profile escalation system 


  • Multi-platform data fetching 
  • Real-time meeting alerts 
  • Priority task analysis 
  • Manage various projects on a single window 
  • Register, review & track internal queries 
  • Schedule task reports generation 
  • View ongoing projects 
  • Connect with teams 

Digital data management:

  • Automated file generation 
  • Post reply to tasks from Incident to problem 
  • Search data automation 
  • Requirement wise searching & filtration 
  • Data attachment display 
  • Wide range of data integrations facility 
  • Administrator Module 
  • Flexible reporting & tracking 

 Why to attend our Webinar? 

There is countless webinar on technology and digital resources, conducted online and offline, but atQor would uniquely deliver something extraordinary. 

On 29th October ’21, Our certified consultant will show you the way to functionalize your enterprise with the benefits and easy functionality of the eConnect solution. 

  • How to use eConnect to build an interconnectedecosystem
  • How would our Employee Experience Solution bring a digitalrevolution to your workplace?
  • How does a single-window functionality end the multipletab catastrophe? 

Along with this live demonstration, we offer you a Question/Answer session to clear all the doubts, queries, and questions put forward. So, don’t skip out on the event. This session is going to give you an absolute avalanche of knowledge, Unfolding every aspect of a better employee experience. 


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