Can Microsoft Teams Transform the Frontline Workforce?

Can Microsoft Teams Transform the Frontline Workforce?

December 7, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft Teams

Let’s Transform your Frontline Workforce

One of the major impacts of Covid-19 is the increased demand for Frontline Workers, also known as Essential Workers. Their core functionality is so much crucial for the business that industries are taking a broad range of distinct initiatives to allocate separate InfrastructureResources, and Personal Protective Tool for their safety and task accomplishment.

Recognizing the responsibility and characteristics of frontline workers enables the policy and decisionmakers to structure the company’s operational format and work culture.

But is this enough to ensure productivity at its peak? Don’t you think that there should be a customised and integrated software solution to streamline the operational behavior of the business? On 23rd December ’21; Our upcoming webinar is taking on the burden on its shoulder to deliver the same solution to the problem. Learn how to leverage your frontline workforce with flexible shift timings, scheduling services, agile communication model, and easy task management- all in one app, Microsoft Teams. When integrated with multiple Microsoft apps, the technology is understandably a one-stop solution for the entire frontline system.

How do we Plan to Transform your Workforce?

Reinvent your frontline workforce: Right away from curbside pickup to drone-based delivery, virtual consultations to remote assistance, The pandemic unfolded new opportunities for the frontline workers. We are eagerly looking forward to discussing such digital transformation for your business.

Explore product and service innovations:

3 major ways to bring innovation in the business:

  • Reinforce the system with a sense of purpose and common objective
  • Embrace the technology and tools that incorporate flexibility and innovation
  • Empower the frontline workers with the correct knowledge

Establish hybrid management for frontline Employees: Establishing a hybrid work culture is vital for the success of any business. We plan to throw light on the technical specification that promotes the same hybrid ecosystem on this webinar.

Industry Goal that we are Focusing on

Connective Workforce: Enhance productivity and employee engagement with the usage of integrated tools and technologies.

Turn manual to digital: Putting automation in daily tasks with synchronised technologies and customised applications brings frontline workers a different work experience.

Accelerate onboarding: An easy and fast onboarding facilitates the higher manpower demand of frontline executives.

Device empowerment: Empower your frontline employees with technology-driven and industry-specific devices.

Safeguard your organization: protect valuable data with high-class security and compliance behaviour.

atQor, The Gamechanger of the business!

As a remarkable Gold Partner of MicrosoftatQor has performed exceptionally well in strengthening the operational base of countless organizations with a customised and blended software solution.

So don’t miss the event. It’s high time to bring a transformation for your frontline workforce, and atQor certainly seems to be the gamechanger of the business.

Save the date; It’s 23rd December ’21.

NoteNot only your frontline workforce but rest of different departments can also utilize basic to advanced capabilities of Microsoft Teams. Checkout our past webinars to know more!!

Microsoft Teams at its Best!!

Explore Advance Features of Microsoft Teams

“Frontline workers deserve better.”

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