Collaborate on Visio files inside Microsoft Teams

Collaborate on Visio files inside Microsoft Teams

June 25, 2018 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft Teams

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With Microsoft as always leading the IT sector in giving latest updates and innovations, it is time again that we heard of something new and worthwhile that actually makes a difference. The concept of Microsoft Teams that adds up to the overall experience of Microsoft 365 is a complete 360 degree change in the methods that teams work. Bringing an ease in the method of file sharing, online chats, live interactions and much more, Microsoft Teams is bringing a paradigm change in the work culture of multiple organisations that looked forward to a single platform for total inter company interactions and an increase in the overall working pace of the organisation.

How atQor helps: With complete work culture integration on a single platform, our team of technical experts guide you on creating a hassle free micro environment for easy file sharing and much more, thus facilitating internal communication and accelerating tasks that earlier increased TAT. Sharing of audio, videos, documents, group communications, screens and more of media communication makes it comparatively easier for managers and employees to work, share and delegate tasks. Passionate about our work and enthusiastic about creating solutions, our team is available round the clock and hence is easily accessible to reach out for quick guidance and support.

With such latest developments and expertise available to assist through these new advancements, Work cultures are bound to experience a magnanimous change this leading to more organisational benefits and improved outputs.

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