Dashboard System On Dot Net Technology

Dashboard System On Dot Net Technology

October 14, 2015 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft

atQor as an IT consulting and Microsoft partner facilities business organizations to create vibrant web based application, software products and solutions.

At atQor, our technical consultants are efficient with knowledge and expertise in all the technologies within dot net and SharePoint and other Microsoft technologies.  atQor takes into consideration client requirements before providing any solutions.

To make our client happy with satisfied profit creation, atQor would facilitate them to restructure the existing application with a smart, rich and valuable structure by creating Dashboards on Dot net technology.

We at atQor, develops and provides cost effective, innovative and integrated business solutions based on the Microsoft.Net platform and we can make custom software development.



Enterprise can simply supervise their employees by add/edit/delete/view and list functions. With the same functions such as add/edit/delete/ view and list you can easily manage departments. You can also manage designation by add/edit/delete/ view and list function without any efforts. There is a possibility that these functions were not enough then the administrator button can be active/inactive on temporary basis. Additionally employee can supervise alerts for different kind of actions and also manage and also track couriers.


You can also manage user’s login credentials such as username, password by administrator, login, logout, password change, profile editing, and manage form and user level security by administrator.


Your employees can manage product feature to help add/edit/delete/view and list products, also manage product type feature to facilitate add/delete/edit/view and list product type category features to facilitate add/edit/delete/view and list product category, manage vendor feature creatively to assists add/edit/delete/view and list Vendors.

Store Inventory

Register of Asset will show stock in effects, Assets which are transfer to the branch.


A Product requisition form can help to show requisition list which can check the status or progress of customer’s own request, a user who is authorized can see the list of the request and process manually and track the status.

Issue Note

Issue note can generate against the requisition, it cannot be created if stock not exists.

Order of Purchase

Entry forms which are for purchase orders can record product entry form, authorized user can see list of purchase order and track the status, once stock goes beyond the recorder limit, at that moment purchase order will be created automatically by system.

Document Records

User can allow to upload their document to a central library which contain entry form,  user can download the documents from the document listing  form, authorized user can delete the documents from the records.


Reposts of feedback, task report for management, logger, Requisition list for management, Repot of Requisition, stock Repot, product vendor report, courier repot.


Blogs, suggestion, feedback and news can be considered under collaboration.

Managing Issues

Post issue form to insert new issue, Received list contains all the issues which where received from other employees, sent list of all the issues which sent to other employee or user, Issue filter facilitates to find the issue for which you are looking, Team issue list all the issues related to your team, department view list all the issues related to own department, statics displays the issues status, manage issue type by add/edit/delete/view and list features, managing progress type by add/edit/delete/view and list features.

Task Management

Creating a entry form to include new task and assign to some employee or to users, Update task form to edit task created by user, My task list, task verification form to verify the task is completed or not, Task reposts shows the task with status, effort and other details.

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