Dynamics 365 Solutions: A Digital Revolution for Real Estate

Dynamics 365 Solutions: A Digital Revolution for Real Estate

February 12, 2020 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft Dynamics 365

Today, the Real estate industry is one of the fastest developing and most booming businesses worldwide. Additionally, real estate has a vast customer base and many investors who are likely to invest a large amount of money.  

The real estate business plan includes buying/selling, renting, and maintaining the properties. Also, they do manage facilities such as maintaining elevators, electricity, gardens, and so on. Managing such facilities without any digital tools is a challenging task. 

According to the Global PropTech Survey, only 58% of vendors agreed about having digitalized strategy in their workplace. 

Automating facility management functions reduces human efforts and makes your real estate’s technical operation smoother. Also, it gives easy access to the business users and provides building information to manage their operations throughout the process.  

These facility management processes give end-to-end transformation to real estate aiming to increase productivity and provide a better employee or client experience.

Certain Spectacular Advantages of Digitally Transformation in the Real Estate industry  

Integrating Microsoft dynamics 365 and facility management benefits real estate businesses. Now let’s discuss this in detail below,  

Maintain inventory cost: 

This dynamics 365 solution carries your business’s data sets into the system. It tracks every stage of the digital transformation process, and inventory cost management is one of them.  

Dynamics 365’s inventory management system gives you a fair idea about when to order the inventory and what quantity to order. 

Manage the space: 

By applying this Microsoft dynamics 365 solution, vendors get an accurate area information model to get information about the total space utilization and effectively use the remaining space.  

A space management solution effectively manages business space and reduces your real estate expenses. 

Increase employee productivity: 

Vendors access the information on their mobile or any other device with this digital transformation process. Furthermore, they could easily view the fundamental changes in their warehouses and inventories.  

So, with the help of dynamics 365 ERP Software solutions, vendors can smartly do more productivity without even visiting the business site.  

Provide Investment Information: 

Dynamics 365 assist an owner in understanding which investment results in a better return on the scale and investing in materials or services which may have a high capital gain.  

Also, dynamics 365 delivers proper transparency to the investors and guidance throughout the investment process.


Transform Your Real Estate with Facility Management Today! 

Nowadays, technology is continuously inventing, and each change results in improved business growth. Moreover, adopting such facility management solutions is important for real estate businesses. Applying dynamic 365 solutions to your real estate industry will benefit your businesses.  

atQor is a leading Dynamics 365 Consultant; businesses can restructure their operational strategy effectively with our digital solutions. Also, we are providing a suitable solution per business requirements, and our certified team will help you throughout your digital transformation process. 


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