How can Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management Boost Retail, Wholesale, and Distribution capacity?

How can Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management Boost Retail, Wholesale, and Distribution capacity?

February 21, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft Dynamics 365

To meet the advancing eCommerce, need and transform order fulfillment into competitive benefits, Microsoft brings for you an exceptional Dynamic 365 technology for intelligent order management propelled by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data that automates and streamlines the orders and deliveries and get rid of every disruption by restructuring the flow of work, and scaling the prebuilt connectors.  

Dynamics 365 custom development services offered by Microsoft Gold Partner like atQor has an additional capability to get you the customized and tailor-made solution that fulfills the following tasks and responsibilities: 

  • Automate and streamlines the fulfilment 
  • Boosts up the operational efficiency of the process 
  • End-to-end management of the entire life cycle of the order 
  • Broadens up the customer experience and consumer satisfaction 
  • Adopt changing business model as per the market trend 

In the year 2019, the delivery and eCommerce market of the US proclaimed to encapsulate the worth of 5.87 billion dollars that is expected to grow to 1.56 billion dollars in just 5 years. This phenomenal rise in the deployment of orders can only be seen when an intelligent technology like Dynamic 365 comes into the frame. 

More is optimizing orders and product deliveries; higher would be the return on investment across the entire market. 

Features of atQor’s Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management

Features of Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Supported Systems allow you to centralize and streamline order fulfillment. AI-based Intelligent Order Management Solution comes up with exceptional features with major competitive advantages. Some of the unique features are: 

Rule-oriented Order Fulfilment:

Advanced Dynamics development allows you to automate the customization of order management based on certain rules to streamline fulfillment across multiple touchpoints in customer journeys. 

Inbuilt Platform Connectors:

Dynamic 365 Intelligent order management system comprises more than 200 configured in-built power platform connectors that allow convenient integration with the current infrastructure to accept orders and fulfill the deployment of the delivery partners like BigCommerce, Shopify, and a lot more. 

Reference API:

Don’t have a pre-constructed connector for a specific framework? Dynamic 365 Order Management utilizes a high-level application programming point of interaction (Programming interface) and reference design, making it simple to assemble custom association focuses between business applications. 

Microsoft Dataverse Synchronization:

Smart Order Management is planned as a Microsoft Dataverse application and offers a typical information model with different Dynamics 365 applications. This implies that IOM can ingest information from your present venture frameworks, rearranging onboarding and setup simultaneously. 

Journey Orchestration Designer Tools:

Built and deployed on the Power Platform of Microsoft services, and Advanced dynamics order management system empowers your company with updated low code technology. Irrespective of the development ecosystem, people from the supply chain team can conventionally design, develop and deliver the flow of order using optimized drag and drop tools. This enables the company to respond proactively to the hindrance and adapt to the real-time change management system. 

AI-based Bifurcation:

Intelligent Order Management system thrives on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithm that proactively fills up the loopholes, highlighting warehouse needs across every channel and deploying actionable insights that could help the retailer adjust the time for delivery and flow of cash throughout the process. 

How Order Management System Benefits the Retail Houses? 

 Order Management System Benefits the Retail Houses
Everything in one frame:

AI-based Intelligent Order Management Solution makes you manage the product’s complete lifecycle in a single integrated framework. So, right from the placement of the order to product delivery, get all in a solo consolidated solution. 

Seamless data integration:

 Given the in-built connectors and reference API available with the order management system, you can seamlessly integrate with the enterprise data that involves an eCommerce delivery platform, fulfillment solution, transport, and other management tools. 

Omnichannel Fulfillment:

The Intelligent Order Management Solution gives the customer the liberty to place the order through their desired channel and get the delivery accordingly. This may be an online home delivery, online or curbside pickup; every option is available with the Dynamic 365 IOM system.    

Real-time data visualization:

Advanced dynamics development for Intelligent Order Management System allows the customer to create a single source for complete product life cycle, eventually facilitation real-time data visualization. 

Better Tax compliance:

Intelligent Order management Solution brings some of the major industry tax solutions like Vertex and Avalara for complete automation in tax drafting and compliance. Hence, retailers can conveniently analyze their service tac, income tax, and value-added tax. 

Payment automation:

Apart from tax solution Dynamic 365, IOM allows the retailers to automate the payment processing unit as per the feasibility of the business. Thus, this order management also integrates with the payment solution. 

On-time delivery:

Intelligent Order Management partners try to ensure the delivery of the product on time or before the expected delivery framework. 

Enhanced resilience:

From production network disturbances, Intelligent Order Management’s simplified low-code devices and natural plan interface enable retailers to adjust to unforeseen events and better oversee on-time request satisfaction for clients. 

How does atQor leverage the Retail Sector? 

Being the leading Gold Partner of Microsoft, atQor has got a complete command over deploying an industry-specific, customized, and feasible Advanced dynamics development for the retail sector. The distribution, wholesale, and entire retail sectors play a major role in meeting the constant market demand and maintaining an optimum investment return. 

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 development solution leaves no stone unturned to reinforce your company with the same values and empowerment. 

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