Enrich Your Customer Experience with Knowledge Management System

Enrich Your Customer Experience with Knowledge Management System

February 17, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Digital Solutions

With the rise of Industry 4.0, enterprises and organizations are looking forward to using the data, information, and resources for growth and improved operational capability. This is possible when you adopt knowledge management software for efficient and creative decision-making. Without an effective knowledge management tool, most companies end up wasting knowledge and effort. So, to stay ahead of your competitors in the digital era, any business must knock on the door of Knowledge Management System providers and leverage their employees with all cutting-edge benefits and expertise.

What is Knowledge Management System?

Knowledge Management is the art of recasting the data and intellectual assets into long-lasting value that would facilitate the companies to organize the documents, information, and FAQs for clients and customers. Proper knowledge management software can assist you in setting the right documents and finding the precise solution to the problems and queries by enabling authenticated accessibility across the group of users. The software solution is beneficial for various audiences, including start-ups, small businesses, and global enterprise leaders.

A case study made with Arab Bank in Amman city exhibits the value and impact of knowledge management in attracting customers. The study implemented a new set of Customer Knowledge Management (CKM) in 38 branches of Arab Bank. “Results show that there is a positive relation between CKM and the Customer Attraction process, and CKM works successfully to attract and gain customers in Arab Bank,” the study concluded.

Better Customer Experience with Knowledge Management System

Not only for the better business functionality but Knowledge Management System also serves a great deal regarding customer experience. So, let’s analyse how proper knowledge management streamlines the service experience of the consumers:

Mitigates long wait for information: The Knowledge Management System is comparatively better than the customer support team. On top of that, it deploys 24*7 assistance that eventually lessens the ticket request for innumerable problems. With many customers finding their own solution helps the better flow of information across the system.

Enable self-service facility: In 2015, Forrester reported that web and self-service help had overtaken all other forms of help, surpassing even phone and email. Customers using FAQs on a company’s website increased from 67% in 2012 to 81% in 2015, and we’re only getting started.

To enhance the customer experience, enterprises and firms broadly adopt Microsoft knowledge management solutions as they offer a secure and online self-help service. With an end-to-end solution, the knowledge management portal optimizes the flow of information, saving lots of time and resources.

Offer detailed information: There is a bright possibility that a customer service associate is not able to enrich the experience with the required information and complete assistance, but in the case of the knowledge management database, the concerned person is certain to get the complete info as per the demand of the scenario. Every individual possesses their sole method of learning. It might be video, text, infographic, or images.  

Knowledge Management System Providers ensure the flow of information as per the feasibility of the customer. The real-time assistance refines the experience like the way a customer is seeking for himself or herself.

A report by MRFR says: “Accelerated demand for target-specific information to expand a business is expected to spur the growth of the knowledge management software market. The increasing need for customer satisfaction and retention can also benefit the market in the coming years.”

Organize Information in Knowledge Management Database

The three key formats of arranging the information in the Knowledge Management Portal are:

Arrange the data as per your audience: Keeping the audience intact as per the audience’s requirement is the biggest attribute of a knowledge management system. Start identifying the need for information at every touchpoint of the customer’s journey and place the FAQs and data accordingly.

Continuous feedback analysis: To quantify the achievement of your KMS, you want to add feedback studies toward the finish of each article and a manual for comprehension on the off chance that the data was valuable or not. You can likewise survey what content is being looked for most often. The outcomes focus light on client trouble spots, which are important to your item and examination groups.

Regular updates: Any knowledge portal or database never carries static information. You want to incorporate a cycle that continually overhauls your insight base as the item grows. Thus, updating the knowledge management system is an integral aspect of organizing the relevant information across the system.

Get an Automated Knowledge Management System, Choose atQor!

Being Microsoft’s most chosen Gold Partner, atQor has deployed exceptional Knowledge Management solutions to its client and customers at a global range. Addressing every query and problem manually would consume a big deal of time, energy, and resources. Thus, atQor delivers a one-stop solution that fetches in-depth analysis with multi-administrative and error-identifying tools to support and resolve external and internal queries, questions, suggestions, and recommendations.

Features of atQor Knowledge Management System:
  • Priority alert
  • Multi-level approvals & notifications
  • Multilingual knowledge management
  • Automation
  • Email Integration
  • Advanced digital system
  • Advanced digital system
  • Suggestions delivering system

By in-depth integration with Microsoft technologies, atQor leverages your company with major functionalities like:

  • Easy Ticketing
  • Self-service support channel
  • Data security & analytics
  • Administration
  • Virtual team engagement & productivity increment
  • Workforce efficiency development

Be it any industry: Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Retail, Education, or Tourism; Our Knowledge Management Services have the complete potential to empower your company with the required functionality.

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