Exploring SharePoint Services with Latest Innovations and Case Studies

Exploring SharePoint Services with Latest Innovations and Case Studies

June 13, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft Dynamics 365

SharePoint is a web-based powerful collaboration and documentation management SaaS platform. It is developed and designed to help organizations create websites for information sharing and document collaboration. SharePoint, additionally, allows organizational teams to work together more effectively and efficiently.  

With its unique capabilities, SharePoint offers a wide range of features that enable users to store, organize, manage, access, and share information from various devices and locations. With over 2,00,000 organizations and 190 million users, SharePoint is a pioneering tool that brings content management to the cloud, enables the team to collaborate, and streamlines business processes.  

However, SharePoint has been continuously evolving, introducing new features, and adopting innovation to enhance SharePoint capabilities. Hence, today to strengthen and explore the latest capabilities of SharePoint, in this article, we will discuss the innovative features and a few case studies that highlight SharePoint capabilities:  

Latest Innovation in SharePoint Development Services –  

SharePoint is the most flexible, powerful, and robust content management platform across the world. SharePoint is empowering people, organizations, and businesses through examples like video hosting on Microsoft Stream, Viva Topics page in Microsoft Teams’ and real-time collaboration in Microsoft loop. Moreover, there are many other examples that make SharePoint the most unique and innovative content sharing platform worldwide.  

Let’s check it out! 

Introducing Copilot in SharePoint –  

To create engaging web content, copilot in SharePoint turns your words into SharePoint sites and pages. With the power of large language models, data in Microsoft Graph, and practices of developing engaging web content copilot in SharePoint creates intuitive websites with high-quality UI/UX. 

Moreover, if you define your site or page, copilot in SharePoint will start creating it for you. Additionally, after creating the page or site, it will collaborate with you to revise and improve it. And this while adhering to our company’s current data security and privacy obligations. 

With the help of these new features, you will be able to set up SharePoint sites more quickly and with confidence knowing that your site is making use of all that SharePoint has to offer. 

Introducing Copilot In Sharepoint

You may use Copilot to create sites from a new SharePoint start page. Copilot in SharePoint quickly sets up a startup site for you, pulls in data as needed from different parts of your company, and automatically synchronizes with your brand. 

Coauthoring SharePoint Pages with your Team Members –  

SharePoint’s new coauthoring capabilities drive more collaborative efforts among your team members. With SharePoint’s coauthoring capabilities, editors can come up on the same page together to craft or edit content seamlessly on Canvas in real time. Moreover, Microsoft works effectively to make page sharing as easy as sharing documents. 

Coauthoring Sharepoint Pages With Your Team Members

Starting up with new SharePoint capabilities improves collaboration among the teams and easier than ever to get connected with SharePoint.   

Aesthetic Content Visualization –  

Knowing the importance of high engaging and beautiful digital experience is need of employees, Microsoft has expanded the aesthetic capabilities of SharePoint services. To empower your employees and to improve the digital experience SharePoint has embedded the new looks to make pages and sites bolder and more sophisticated than ever before.  

Aesthetic Content Visualization

Moreover, Microsoft investment is focused on the entire spectrum of web design that includes branding, design, theming, typography & fonts, grid & layout, animation, and motion. The expansion in web design will bring into the product and provide entirely new digital experiences for your employees.   

All new typography in SharePoint.   

The innovative brand center in SharePoint brings unique capabilities that will reflect your organization’s and brand’s identity with immersive, attractive, and fascinating design elements. The brand center empowers organizations with specified fonts, colors, logos, designs, and cheerful design elements that manifest your products, labels, subsidiaries, and more.   

All New Typography In Sharepoint

Moreover, you can use these branding elements again across the sites and ensure that your branding guidelines are being followed and that your sites have a professional and consistent look. 

Case Study that Justifies SharePoint Capabilities –  

Customer Details: 

Client Name: Under NDA  

Industry: Pharmaceutical Industry 

Development Country: India  

Solution: EWR (Engineering Work Request) 

Used Services: SharePoint  

A centennial old pharmaceutical industry embarks on a game-changing new approach to generate imperative digital experience for their employees. 


  • The seasoned and reputed Indian pharmaceutical industry struggled to keep track of work requests from various levels of employees and departments. 
  • To overcome such deficiency pharmaceutical industry, get in touch with atQor to find a solution and revolutionize organizations with required technologies.   
  • The collaboration with atQor changed the course of the organization and redefined the enterprise with a fully loaded modern work request solution called Engineering Work Request. The implementation of such a solution revolutionized the organization and made a positive impact on the employee experience.   


The Indian centennial old pharmaceutical company with more than 12,000 employees was short of a sustainable solution in tracking the work of engineers across the organizations.  

The requests and costs for engineering-related activities are not tracked tidily and adequately in case of any approval or to follow the record of work done by engineers, formally it was generating recommendations on papers or emails.  

The organization sometimes has to take manual approval or request via mobile phones to get authorizations for each different request. Additionally, the organization was utterly dependent on the individuals, which took a long period to get approvals and requests to be sanctioned. 


The pharmaceutical company rapidly responds and redefines what’s possible to oppress such a situation. It was the time for the enterprise to transform, and atQor assisted the organization in accomplishing that.   

SharePoint 2013 and SQL Server 2012 were implemented by atQor as the antidote to the insufficiency the company was experiencing. With such implementation, the organization was altered with modern technical solutions.  

An organization has a user-friendly dashboard where C-level executives can track all requests at different stages. Additionally, the approval and rejection system became accessible, and the process of approval and request system became seamless and straightforward. Moreover, the cost of engineering-related tasks can be tracked on the dashboard by the department head or engineering head. 

The solution also scales the employee experience as every user has a set of requests or tasks on the dashboard and individually responds to each request with an action. 

On every approval and rejection, the employee gets notified by email automatically. Furthermore, it tracks all the rejections/approvals and manages all the responses appropriately with a proper track record. 

Furthermore, the organization is no longer dependent on the individual to sanction the request approval as the system automatically sends the request to the authorized department directly. The admin has the right to approve it from anywhere, anytime, seamlessly.   


  • Engineers can form requests seamlessly using a user-friendly dashboard and different roles and responsibilities. 
  • The employee gets notified via email whenever the request is approved or rejected.  
  • Proper track of engineering work been recorded, and based on that, performance is measured efficiently.  
  • Each user has a personal dashboard with requests and tasks they must complete. Such a solution increased productivity and also bloomed the employee user experience.   

Wrapping up –  

SharePoint is a powerful platform expanding with the needs and demands of users and the advancement of technology. Microsoft constantly invests in improving collaboration, communication, and employee information sharing. The latest innovations have made SharePoint even more powerful and versatile, and the case study in this article shows how businesses use SharePoint to enhance their workplace capabilities.  

SharePoint services are the best way to get started if you want enhanced communication, collaboration, and document sharing within your company. Get in touch with atQor’s SharePoint consulting service provider.  

atQor is a seasoned SharePoint development service provider providing services associated with SharePoint that includes SharePoint intranet development, SharePoint migration services, and more.  

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