Go Beyond the Conventional Azure Service with atQor Silver Package

Go Beyond the Conventional Azure Service with atQor Silver Package

April 18, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Azure

To succeed in the modern business world, you need to drop the idea of on-premises infrastructure and make a blueprint of your cloud journey. Right away from adoption, and migration to monitoring and management, everything must sustain perfection to make your decision productive.   

As a certified partner of Microsoft, atQor has a high degree of potential in deploying this sort of service, starting from Environment Assessment, Monitoring & Reporting, Cost Management & Budgeting, Azure in-built basic governance, Automation-as-a-Service, 24×7 Service Offering, Azure Service Management and SME on Demand.   

Evaluation of atQor Silver Service Bundle  


Monitoring and Reporting:

With improved monitoring and comprehensive reports building capabilities, atQor’s silver service lets you get quick alerts and notifications over your Azure resources. Thus, to prioritize Azure lubricity and get the best out of cloud infrastructure, this service is a one-stop solution for you.   

Cost Management and Budgeting:

Analyze, evaluate, monitor, optimize and allocate with transparency, accuracy, preciseness, effectiveness, and budget-friendly Microsoft cost management strategy. Estimate your budget and incorporate a feasible Azure solution with atQor’s silver service bundle.   

AI-enabled Governance:

What better way to safeguard your data other than the AI-enabled data governance framework offered by atQor that offers you a fully governed Azure environment for every business resource available in the infrastructure of your company. For better operational security, cocooning the application vulnerability, data encryption, and networking, Azure managed service is best for the business.   


To simplify the operational deployment, atQor offers you automation as a service that allows the companies and enterprises to automate their day-to-day task, data processing, information utility, and another task for business success.   

24×7 Support:

You hardly find any service provider in the market that is ready to give you round-the-clock customer support, till the time atQor comes into the frame. It is not only known for its improved and outstanding service delivery but also an exceptional offering of 24*7 Customer support.  

Service Management:

For better service management and highly scalable business processes, we offer you a full-fledged service with a silver service bundle. Be it data collection and storage, security policies and recommendations, or data configuration, Azure service management of atQor is truly out-of-the-box and noteworthy.   

On-Demand SME:

The need for a Subject matter Expert (SME) is inevitable for any business and operational infrastructure. atQor understands the concern and offers you on-demand SME support to ensure that there is no problem with the Azure cloud solution.   

Many decision-makers often choose to incorporate Azure Gold Service Bundle, allowing the user to scale up or scale down the service cost as per the business requirement.

atQor Silver Service Bundle: A Blue-Chip Investment for Business  

Azure service assessment must be incorporated at any cost to optimize information storage, processing, governance, and sharing. This will drive the possibility of turning up with a better outcome and make the journey easy, streamlined, functional, productive, and with a higher Return on Investment (ROI).   

With Keen assessment of Software-as-a-service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), we have leveraged a wide range of industries with similar enablement.   

Thus, Our Silver service bundle is on the fly. To know more about the features, contact us on:  

Email ID: info@atqor.com

Phone No: 1-844-294-5383

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