How Does atQor Keep Threats Away with Enterprise-Class Security Technologies?

How Does atQor Keep Threats Away with Enterprise-Class Security Technologies?

May 26, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Intelligent Security

It is rightly said that “Great power comes with great responsibilities,” and it is valid for every new technology innovation. Therefore, providing advanced security and protecting them from various threats and risks becomes one of the great responsibilities for the technology giants.

While having a round table discussion with the IT team of our customers, we came across different security and threat issues. When we discussed the same problems with our Microsoft partner team, we brought a few solutions utilizing Microsoft 365 and Azure security technologies.

A Short Overview on Versatile Pillars of Enterprise-Class Security Technologies

Versatile Pillars Of Enterprise Class Security Technologies

·         Identity & Access Management

It is the first primary pillar of enterprise-class security technology offered by Microsoft as an advanced risk management solution.

Besides, identity and access management is a dedicated set of policies and processes that allow different industries to manage and give their employees or workforce permission to access the company’s confidential information.   

·         Threat Protection

However, threat protection is a framework, policy, or process that protects the corporate network from threats or malicious attacks that damage the entire application or system.

Microsoft’s second pillar of enterprise-class security technology protects infrastructure or entire computing systems against advanced threats.

It also helps industries or businesses to recover quickly after they experience threats or malicious attacks.

·         Network Security

Network security will act as the third pillar of enterprise-class security technology introduced by Microsoft to protect industries from different threats.

Moreover, network security is a set of rules, protocols, or processes designed to protect the confidentiality, accessibility, and integrity of an organization’s data and computer networks by using advanced technology.

·         Information Protection

Information protection makes the fourth pillar of Microsoft’s advanced and enterprise-class security technology for various industries to protect their sensitive data and business information. It is a dedicated process and policy to protect business documents, emails, and other critical information from unauthorized access. 

·         Security Management

Security management is the fifth pillar of advanced Microsoft functions and enterprise-class security technology, giving industries and organizations access to manage and control their security tools.

What is the Role of Microsoft 365 in Providing Advanced Security?

Role Of Microsoft 365 In Providing Advanced Security

Image Source : Microsoft

Microsoft 365 offers advanced and higher security levels to different industries to secure their business data, confidential information, and various tasks. For instance, Microsoft 365 suite offers an advanced defender feature that gives protection against multiple threats like identity theft, hacking attempts, malicious attacks, ransomware, viruses, phishing attacks, and malware.

·         Microsoft 365 Identity and Access Management

The identity and access management from Microsoft 365 offers two enterprise-class security technologies to organizations like Azure AD premium and Microsoft Intune. 

In this first pillar of cybersecurity, Microsoft 365 provides enterprises with Azure AD premium, which offers multi-factor authentication, single sign-on to numerous cloud applications, and conditional access to different web applications for enhanced security and protection against cybersecurity attacks. 

Microsoft Intune allows industries to monitor their employees to access their business processes on mobile devices and applications. For example, the pharmaceutical industry can monitor their employees’ mobile devices and applications for confidential information misuse, like the formula of medicine and its compositions.

·         Microsoft Threat Protection

Microsoft 365 suite offers advanced threat protection to industries, including Microsoft Defender ATP, Office 365 ATP, Azure ATP, and Microsoft cloud app security. All these advanced security technologies enable enterprises to protect against different cybersecurity attacks. 

For instance, Microsoft Defender ATP offers a cloud-based security solution to industries to monitor the on-premises active directory signals and identify, investigate, and detect the on-premises threats, malicious attacks, and illegal identities of an organization.

Office 365 ATP provides the latest security tools to industries to quickly identify, and block compromised files from entering their document libraries or online sites. It also entirely locks the file after found malicious and prevents others from accessing it.

In contrast, Azure ATP helps industries recognize and investigate different threats occurring on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. Hence, organizations and businesses can use this security function to monitor their network traffic and track malicious activities.

Microsoft cloud app security will act as a cloud-based monitoring tool for malicious activities in various applications deployed in the cloud. Therefore, it allows industries or organizations to get control of their data in cloud applications such as data control, threat protection, and application discovery. 

In addition, the Microsoft cloud app security function is also utilized as Microsoft information protection. Therefore, it will protect industries or business processes’ confidential and sensitive information from malicious attacks like phishing attacks for stealing customer emails and identity theft of employee documents.

·         Microsoft Information Protection

Microsoft 365 offers three ways of information protection to various industries and organizations from stealing their confidential and sensitive business information through cybersecurity attacks. Besides, Microsoft 365 suite offers information protection technology to sectors such as Azure Information Protection, Office 365 DLP, and Microsoft cloud app security.

However, Azure information protection provides industries with cloud-based solutions that help employees and executives to classify, discover, and protect crucial business emails, documents, and other confidential business information through labels.

Office 365 DLP (Data Loss Prevention) allows industries to monitor their employees or executive do not share sensitive business information outside the organization. Also, it enables sectors and organizations to decide which files and data are considered critical, confidential, or sensitive, then gives advanced protection to them from illegal use. In this manner, this process prevents the data loss of personal business information.  

·         Microsoft Security Management

Microsoft 365 suite introduces Microsoft secure score as the complete security management function. For instance, it offers two ways of security management such as Microsoft secure score and Microsoft 365 security center.

However, Microsoft’s secure score provides a reliable measurement of the security level of various industries through numbers. In other terms, it means that a higher number indicates strong security levels in specific organizations. 

Microsoft 365 suite offers industries and organizations a dedicated Microsoft 365 security center. In this centralized hub, they can get insights, control, and manage various security solutions like identity & access management, security management, threat protection, and information protection with enterprise-class security technology. 

How atQor Solved the Industry Security Issues with Microsoft 365 Suite?

atQor partnered with Microsoft and offered enterprise-class security technology through Microsoft 365 suite to solve the industry security issues. 

For instance, the banking and finance sector faced security issues like identity theft, phishing attacks, and malicious activities in various financial operations and payment transactions. 

To solve these issues that occurred due to the execution of traditional financial systems, atQor, in collaboration with Microsoft, solved the cybersecurity issues in the banking and finance sector by utilizing Microsoft 365 defender ATP, Office 365 ATP, which offer identity theft protection, and risk management solutions. 

In this way, atQor solved the security threat issues in the banking and finance sectors through Microsoft 365 suite

How does Microsoft Azure Give Protection with the Latest Security Technology?

Microsoft Azure Give Protection With The Latest Security Technology

Image Source : Microsoft

Multiple industries and organizations have gone through different security issues and experienced data breaches using on-premises security systems. For higher protection against various threats and problems, they migrate their entire architecture towards cloud computing using Microsoft Azure from the on-premises systems. 

Besides, Microsoft Azure provides the advanced tools and encrypted systems that industries will utilize as a robust security layer for protection against different malicious activities.  

·         Microsoft Azure Identity and access management

After migrating to the cloud, various industries have benefitted from Microsoft Azure’s identity and access management, which gives advanced security levels with access control for viewing confidential business information. It offers two security solutions Azure AD (Active Directory) and role-based access control.

Industries will benefit from Azure AD functions for identity and access management services. So, numerous industries and organizations will control the accessibility of their employees and groups to resources and services. 

Some organizations take advantage of the role-based access control feature of Microsoft Azure. This security feature will allow industries or organizations to provide different responsibilities and grant limited permissions to their workers or employees, based on their job and tasks.

·         Microsoft Azure Threat Protection

Industries will get advanced Microsoft Azure threat protection with cloud computing services. However, Azure offers enterprise-class security technology in their threat protection functions like Azure Sentinel (SIEM) and Azure Security Center.

The Azure Sentinel (SIEM) helps industries deliver advanced security analytics and threat intelligence that automatically detects threats, alerts on threat detection, and other types of technology for protection against threats. However, Azure sentinel uses artificial intelligence capabilities to see different kinds of threats and malicious activities in the entire enterprise or organization.

In contrast, the Azure security center provides a dedicated platform for industries monitoring health and checking the workload security configuration. However, it also offers an integrated infrastructure security management system for real-time threat visibility across hybrid cloud workloads. So, it is helpful for industries that want to monitor and protect their infrastructure from different threats that affect the entire organization.

·         Microsoft Azure Network Security

Several industries, like pharmaceuticals and manufacturing, face issues in network security. For solving these network security issues, Azure provides different solutions like micro-segmentation (VNET, Service Endpoints, NSG, ASG), Azure firewall, application gateway (WAF), DDoS Protection, and virtual WAN (ExpressRoute, VPN) that protects and detects threats in the enterprise network. 

On the contrary, Micro-segmentation in Azure offers these industries a unique security method that breaks entire cloud environments into small segments to reduce network threats, control data breaches, and comply with regulations for making a secure network. 

Moreover, industries also benefit from Azure firewall, which offers them advanced network firewall security service that provides the combination of threat protection tools for safeguarding cloud workloads running in Azure. It also protects the virtual network resources by filtering out malicious activities. 

Some specific industries or enterprises require continuous monitoring of malicious activities in their network for working in a secure environment. For this purpose, they can utilize Azure DDoS protection to protect different Azure resources from denial-of-service attacks.

Azure Virtual WAN offers networking security services by connecting numerous networks, security, and routing capabilities to form a single functional interface that protects and monitors cybersecurity issues in the network. It includes multiple networking services for advanced security like ExpressRoute and VPN to an enterprise for high-end network protection from malicious activities. 

·         Microsoft Azure Information Protection

When various industries utilize cloud computing services through Microsoft Azure, they will receive an advanced and extra layer of information protection from different threats and risks of illegal stealing of confidential business information and sensitive data. 

For combating these cybersecurity threats and issues, Azure information protection offers different methods like Encryption (Disks, Storage, SQL) services, Azure Key Vault, and Confidential computing. These services use enterprise-class security technology that offers extra encrypted layers for information protection.

Azure offers information protection in encryption services for virtual disks, storage, and SQL. It enables industries to utilize the encryption services that keep the data disks, storage, and SQL databases secure against cybersecurity issues like ransomware, malware attacks, and threats. In addition, it also offers specific tools to protect data as per industry security and compliance requirements.

Some industries or organizations want to keep specific things highly secure from malicious activities and threats. To solve this purpose, Microsoft offers Azure key vault, a dedicated cloud service that securely stores confidential information like passwords, certificates, API keys, or cryptographic keys. This way, enterprises will keep their sensitive data secure through Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure also supports confidential computing technology, which encrypts and secures sensitive business data in memory and dedicated hardware-based trustworthy execution processes and environment after the verification process. Besides, this process helps enterprises to prevent access to confidential information from cloud service providers, users, employees, and administrators.

·         Microsoft Azure Security Management

Microsoft Azure offers various industries a centralized place to monitor and track cybersecurity activities for high-level security using enterprise-class security technology. For effective results, Azure security management provides two solutions for monitoring security activities at a central place, such as Azure security center and Azure log analytics.

Indeed, the Azure security center allows enterprises and industries to explore and discover high-level security tips, insights, and operational optimizations across hybrid cloud platforms and workloads. However, this solution is valuable to industries that want advanced threat protection for data centers in environments like the cloud and on-premises. In addition, it is also helpful for providing highly encrypted systems for cybersecurity to multiple industries that work with hybrid clouds.

Besides, Azure log analytics is a feature or dedicated portal that edits and runs different log queries for precisely analyzing their results. 

Indeed, industries or organizations will utilize all these records to identify security trends, analyze patterns, and provide various insights about their confidential business data.

How atQor Solved Advanced Industry Security Issues with Microsoft Azure?

There are some industries or enterprises that are facing security issues after migrating towards cloud computing. For instance, the pharmaceutical industry faces security issues and continuous malicious activities for extracting confidential information of multiple combinations and formulas for making different medicines.

To solve this cybersecurity issue, atQor, in collaboration with Microsoft, offers the pharmaceutical industry Azure information protection like data encryption and confidential computing. These enterprise-class security technologies from Microsoft Azure protect accessing data by employees or other persons outside of the enterprise.

In this way, the pharmaceutical industry gets cybersecurity solution that protects their confidential business data like combinations and formulas for making different medicines from malicious activities and threats.

How do atQor Resolved Security Issues Partnering with Microsoft?

The final discussion concluded with various cybersecurity solutions through the latest technologies like Microsoft 365 applications suite and Microsoft Azure. For effective results, atQor, with one of their technology partners Microsoft, offers high-level security solutions by collaborating with professional Microsoft 365 consultants to resolve IT security issues different industries face.

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