How Does Office 365 Encourage Remote Solutions for Government Administration?

How Does Office 365 Encourage Remote Solutions for Government Administration?

May 13, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft 365

Be it the private or public sector; Remote work is the new normal for every working domain across the globe. Covid 19 has changed the operations and work culture of entire government services, and Microsoft Office 365 Government is the frontline solution that facilitated the process.

When lockdown norms got implemented to maintain social distancing at work, Digital readiness and online service enforcement were the primary concerns for the public sector and government agencies. To make this vision possible, Project Management Solution with office 365 got broadly recommended by technology consultants and software development companies.

Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economy says “As the physical, digital, and biological worlds continue to converge, new technologies and platforms will increasingly enable citizens to engage with governments, voice their opinions, coordinate their efforts, and even circumvent the supervision of public authorities “.

Challenges Overcome by Office 365 for Government Project Management

Office 365 for Government

• Combating decentralization
• Support for a wide variant of complex projects
• Assured multi-dimensional task management
• Avoid fragmented content
• Facilitates third party project management
• Compensating the void of human interaction
• Tracking down performance

Combating decentralization

Decentralization is one of the biggest requirements and even challenges that revolve around the remote work culture. Microsoft Office 365 Government by atQor is an essential suite that effectively fights the problems of decentralized information systems leading to connected workflow through every touchpoint of operational affairs.

Support for a wide variant of complex projects

Project Management Solution for remote government operation is an integral demand of any nation today. Today, software development companies are widely counting on these solutions driven by office 365 that could support a long list of complexity whirling around the remote projects of government administration and service delivery.

Assured multi-dimensional task management

By embracing office 365 project management solutions, the government can now work multi-dimensionally with complete functional workflow and operations. The highly integrated software solutions and features like SharePoint Tasks, Outlook Tasks, Microsoft Planner, and Microsoft to Do allow you to encourage remote work to the best of its possibility.

Avoid fragmented content

To manage the documents related to projects, working on multiformat content, exchanging the expertise of storing, framing, distributing, and updating the information, and simultaneously staying aware of new updates is everything that Microsoft Office 365 Government offers for you.

Facilitates third party project management

In case the operational house demands to collaborate with teams and companies beyond the boundaries of the organization, there should be a technology solution that would propel the vision. Office 365 consultants bring such capability for government affairs that can now easily integrate with third-party service delivery bodies.

Compensating the void of human interaction

As we know that there is an acute deficiency of human interaction in remote work culture. To compensate this deficiency, office 365 technology solution has been the proven digital enforcement. atQor is a gold partner of Microsoft that has deployed this suit to multiple government bodies resulting in the sheer success of remote work culture.

Tracking down performance

To build up the report in a summarizing pattern, to create reports accessing the performance of the team that could include the workload handled, collaboration time via various medium, focus time of Government employees, breaks, leaves, working hours and wellbeing of the employees; every performance metrics can be conveniently tracked with Microsoft Office 365 suit deployed by atQor.

Operational Augmentation of Project Management with atQor’s Office 365

• Intelligent setup
• Strong scheduling
• Optimizing task management
• Better resource management
• Integrated collaboration
• Improved decision making
• Smart office store
• Simple and uncomplicated IT

Office 365: A Shelter for Project Management & Government Administration

Thus, we can conveniently get into the conclusion that the Office 365 suite is a technology shelter for promoting remote administration of government affairs and project management. With exceptional collaboration facility, strong compliance and security base, transparent communication opportunity, and in-built cyber protection, Microsoft Office 365 Government is certainly a one-stop solution for project management for the public sector.

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