How Microsoft’s AI-driven Solutions Helps Businesses in Digital Selling Post-Pandemic?

How Microsoft’s AI-driven Solutions Helps Businesses in Digital Selling Post-Pandemic?

September 7, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft Dynamics 365

In this new world of work, keeping technology and businesses interconnected is the new normal for any organization to thrive in today’s environment. Especially during the critical times of covid-19, technology was at its core of solving the problems.

Technology has helped organizations and authorities to stay agile and meet the buyer where they are. Microsoft Azure Cloud, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Power BI, and Office 365 have proved an antidote for many organizations globally.

The businesses were not just surviving; they were thriving using solutions tailored by Microsoft in crunch times of pandemic. However, a pandemic may have regrettable outcomes for many individuals and authorities worldwide, but it has an irreversible favorable impact on the way of selling.

Furthermore, the digital transformation made the buying groups more diverse. Gartner suggests that 100% of buyers want and need a digital experience and 6% spend more time researching independently before engaging with the seller.

How Activating Digital Selling Aid Organizations to Grow? 

TIdes have completely turned in the way of transformation after the pandemic periods, and the practice of making business and the journey of buying products by buyers have impactfully altered.

Hence to keep pace with the constantly changing world, business needs a solution that keeps their organization moving forward and make the company thrive further.

Moreover, with the new pathway of buying products by buyers, they demand faster response, quality in products, and exceptional customer relationships. Hence active digital selling with Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform aids businesses to react faster, increase productivity, and provide an outstanding user experience to strengthen customer relationships.

Essential Features of Active Digital Selling by Microsoft Dynamics Solutions 

Activating digital selling by Microsoft Dynamics 365 will robust your organization’s productivity and deliver digital transformation with its sublime features.

Bring Agility:

Active digital selling from dynamics 365 empowers businesses to make decisions faster and bring agility across the business to meet customer demand and requirements. AI- prioritized and sales cadence within dynamics 365 solutions has completely changed how the business confronts are solved and turn challenges into opportunities.

Predict Future Demand:

With features like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning, Microsoft Dynamics 365 services gain a comprehensive view of customer insights and predict near-term changes in demand and market; it automatically tracks and gathers the feedback, demand, and sentiments of customers through surveys and web reviews to predict the product life and inform the changes the product needs in future.

Such prediction encourages the enterprise to start reacting faster by turning barriers into breakthroughs and aiding the organization in building a sustainable future.

Consolidate Data Across the Organization:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales helped the organization to move away from traditional and complex CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. With the integration of Power BI and CRM, organizations can seamlessly get an analytic view of their products, employee efficiency, customer requirements, and components affecting their growth from a single platform.

Such digital sales transformation helps the organization collect valuable data from the organization itself and assists the enterprise in making quick decisions and enhancing productivity.

LinkedIn Integration:

Integration with LinkedIn sale navigator is one of the aspects of Dynamics 365 Sales digital selling. One of its advantages is the ability to modify the applications with unique fields, objects, workflows, and user interfaces.

Such integration help organization render data from LinkedIn directly inside Dynamics 365. Obviously, enterprises get a lot of data from different places, which makes it impossible to get good insights—now, integrating all the platforms such as D365, Office 365, and LinkedIn navigator aid the organization in getting data from one place and turning them into actionable insights, making decisions better and quicker.

Source: Microsoft


In this age of AI, where technology depends on software solutions, it is time to redefine what is viable. With the disruptive change environment, the businesses need to be future ready hence, take the businesses to the next level by implementing Microsoft solutions and active digital selling to unlock limitless possibilities.

Connect with our dynamics 365 consulting services team now and grab the opportunity to know more about integrating Dynamics 365 and the Power platform for digital sales across your organization and manufacture a sustainable future for your organization. 

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