How to Secure Critical Business Data with Microsoft Azure?

How to Secure Critical Business Data with Microsoft Azure?

June 29, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Azure

Organizations store a large amount of sensitive business information on the cloud. This activity attracts cybercriminals and allows them to penetrate the business for illegal data access.
Are you concerned about business data security while utilizing cloud services for executing crucial tasks? Data security plays a vital role in increasing productivity and customer satisfaction for all organizations.
After the covid-19 pandemic, businesses are migrating toward the cloud to achieve better efficiency and security. In this regard, the Microsoft Azure platform offers extensive security capabilities to organizations that add an extra protection layer.
However, Microsoft Azure cloud managed services come preloaded with advanced security tools and intelligence functions like Azure AD.
In fact, nearly 950 million companies are utilizing Microsoft Azure active directory services as identity and access management solutions. This robust security feature from Microsoft Azure allows businesses to access and control sensitive business data and files.It also helps organizations protect the identity of the employees authorized to access crucial information about routine tasks.
Now, let us discuss numerous ways in which Microsoft Azure help protect confidential business data from cybercriminals.

What do You Need to Know About Microsoft Azure Security?

You consider various crucial information about Microsoft Azure security functions for advanced data protection from illegal access.
For example, when a bank migrates its entire infrastructure to Microsoft Azure, they receive advanced security tools that protect against viruses, ransomware, hackers, scams, identity theft, and unauthorized data access.

1) Defender for Cloud

• Microsoft Azure offers Defender for cloud, an advanced security tool that helps organizations protect vital and sensitive business resources.
• However, it is a robust security tool that supports different types of threat detection and security management through Microsoft Azure.
• Indeed, it gives businesses access to powerful security tools to set up their security levels based on business needs.
• For example, it automatically detects and resolves threats in banks like identity theft, phishing attacks, and malicious attacks.
• This robust security tool will also provide alerts when your business experiences any threats and issues.
• It also provides suggestions, tips, and guidance to businesses to improve their security strategy to protect their tasks from cybercriminal activities.

2) Identity-based Access control

• Some organizations require identity-based access to services and applications by employees.
• The primary reason behind this security function is to protect sensitive business data from illegal access.
• To solve this, Microsoft Azure offers businesses the tools which allow them to access sensitive files based on the identity of the employees.
• Apart from the login credentials like username and password, Microsoft Azure security tools deliver multi-factor authentication to verify the identity of the employees.
• In this manner, it becomes easier for businesses to restrict access to confidential content on a specific group of employees.
• Therefore, the files or content gets advanced protection, and other members can only view the confidential business information and cannot edit them.
• For instance, Microsoft Azure also provides artificial intelligence tools that identify unusual behavior on numerous tasks.
• These advanced artificial intelligence tools deliver robust security and send alert notifications to the organization during illegal access to confidential business information.

3) Azure Active Directory

• Some businesses require total security and access control over their employees for internal and external resources like apps, services, and websites.
• To solve this issue, an organization can take benefit of Microsoft Azure’s active directory advanced security feature to monitor employees accessing different resources and prevent cybercriminals from taking control from that path.
• In this way, businesses will receive the required Microsoft Azure identity and access management solutions that protect the identities and credentials of the workforce from meeting governance requirements.
• For example, Azure Active Directory is helpful for app developers to add single sign-on in their applications, allowing them to test the app using pre-existing credentials of the clients.

4) Encryption

• Encryption is essential and comes as the first step to developing advanced security levels for protecting an organization’s valuable information.
• The organization can utilize Microsoft Azure which will encrypt all the data transferred and stored across the cloud.
• The encrypted data during the transfer process is highly protected to prevent data breaches and loss by intermediary sources like hackers.
• However, businesses can get enterprise-grade encryption protection on the confidential data stored in Microsoft Azure.
• Whenever an organization stores data through Azure cloud managed services, it gets encrypted with appropriate security keys.
• In this manner, the hacker or cybercriminal cannot access the highly encrypted data stored in the devices or disks.

Leverage Microsoft Azure to Provide Your Company with an Additional Layer of Data Protection

Rapid development in technology and modernization affect business in both ways. However, technology helps an organization to achieve higher efficiency and productivity. On the contrary, it also provides various methods for cybercriminals that execute malicious attacks and manipulate confidential business information.
Therefore, if you want to secure business information using Microsoft Azure, you can directly approach atQor. This certified Microsoft partner will provide customized managed cloud security services based on your niche needs.
Hence, businesses and organizations can ensure that their sensitive and confidential business data is secured and protected with Microsoft Azure.

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