How to Use SharePoint to Support an Employee Onboarding Journey?

How to Use SharePoint to Support an Employee Onboarding Journey?

April 7, 2023 | Digital Marketing, SharePoint

Typically, when we think about onboarding employees, we visualize human resources, the heap of forms to complete, rules & regulations guide, getting paperwork signed processes, introduction to co-workers & other higher-ups, and a lot of reading materials to refer to before getting handover to the respective manager.  

That may be too tedious – isn’t it? As an employee, you expect a welcoming environment that makes the onboarding process seamless, efficient, and happening.  

Nevertheless, employee onboarding is one of the most critical aspects and elements of employee experience; hence, many companies’ processes have changed drastically. The organization has notably transformed from conventional to modern practices for onboarding employees using employee onboarding with SharePoint.   

According to statistics from Onboarding Solutions, an organisation with a standard onboarding programme sees a 70% increase in new hire productivity  

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What is SharePoint Onboarding Process? 

Introducing new team members or employees to the SharePoint environment and equipping them with the knowledge, tools, and training they need to use the platform for collaboration, document management, and communication is known as SharePoint onboarding. As part of this process, new user accounts are typically created, the proper access permissions are granted, the SharePoint platform is shown, and best practices for utilizing SharePoint to support team processes and projects are shared. 

SharePoint onboarding may also involve instruction on using the user interface, searching for, and finding documents, creating, and editing documents, setting up and managing document libraries, using workflow tools to automate business processes, and collaborating with co-workers via team sites, discussion boards, and other features. Effective onboarding can assist new hires in swiftly catching up and integrating into the team as productive members. 

Using SharePoint for Employee Onboarding Process 

Starting a new job for an employee and hiring employees is not a regular task. New hired employees to feel like outsiders initially – they are not used to the new workplace environment, system, administration, pattern of working, and company culture.  

It is an arduous process for any company as it takes time for new employees to make themselves comfortable and easy with new co-workers, tools, speed of work, and more.   

Hence, to make new employees’ pace with the speed of work quickly, make them productive speedily, and make them contributing members during the initial hiring period, the former employees need to hand-hold the new ones to become familiar with the business culture.  

However, the best way to establish and familiarize new employees with the company is by developing an employee onboarding portal using the SharePoint platform.   

SharePoint Employee Onboarding Portal is armed with extraordinary features like:  

Customized Templates – Customized templates help organizations create their own customized onboarding process according to the business’s needs and requirements. To make new employees feel welcome, organizations can customize the SharePoint onboarding portal with built-in, easy-to-use templates that enlighten employees appropriately about companies’ policies, objectives, and goals.  

Building a Hub for New Hires – With the SharePoint intranet, organizations can create a hub for new hires where joiners can seamlessly access all important and valuable information about companies’ policies, objectives, documents, tools, and apps from one place. The hub might include checklists of what the employee needs to do, a welcome video, motivational words from the CEO, or presentations that are a part of induction and onboarding activities. Also, it might include a calendar with all the milestones an employee must be aware of throughout their first 30 days on the job. 

Building a Set of Personalized Tasks with Automation – There are numerous responsibilities to complete upon joining, such as completing forms, comprehending processes, adhering to compliance, learning, and attending courses. Creating a set that is unique to you will help you remember everything you need to do. Hence, new hires can create approval workflows that can be completed instantly online with the aid of power.  

Build Employee Onboarding Checklist – As soon as employees get hired, SharePoint Intranet prepares a checklist and assigns tasks to the respective department to provide crucial information and tools to deliver to the new employee after onboarding. Everything is preserved in that checklist, from getting started on the onboarding journey to handing it over to the manager. The checklist can be customized as per business need or include tasks like sending welcome emails, creating company email addresses, creating logins, getting devices laptops/desktops, scheduling office tours, setting up in and out cards, scheduling training, and more. The department includes the IT department, HR, and department managers automatically notify before the employee joining date to get prepared with the required tools and amenities.  

Employee learning, orientation, and Training – When new employees are onboarded, the SharePoint intranet may help support training, orientation, and learning. SharePoint Intranet can facilitate new hire onboarding by centralizing materials, encouraging collaboration and communication, and offering tools for training administration. The SharePoint Intranet provides a single location to save all the onboarding and training materials, including documents, videos, and manuals. New hires may quickly get all the required information in one place. Moreover, the SharePoint Intranet provides features for tracking employee training and development, making it simpler to guarantee that all new hires have the instruction and assistance required to succeed. 

Build Newly Hired Employee Community – Networking and meeting up with new people can make employee onboarding easy and able to settle with new culture quickly. Building a community of new hires is a vital element in getting the new employees to start going and an excellent way to engage them. As new starters can support each other and are connected to HR, they can ask questions without hesitation regarding the company’s functions and operations. With SharePoint Online, Microsoft 365, or Microsoft Teams, newly hired employees can easily make their community and start conversations seamlessly. Although other organizations might prefer Teams for community interaction, but community built on Yammer can work exceptionally well with embedded feed in your recruit section on the intranet. 

Get Feedback – After completing the onboarding process, send questionnaires to new hires for their opinions on the experience. You might inquire about the overall experience, the efficacy of the SharePoint Intranet platform, and the readability of the training materials. Hold focus groups with them to learn more about how new hires felt during the onboarding process. You can use this chance to get more specific answers and thorough feedback. Talk to managers who oversee onboarding new workers for their opinions on how effective the SharePoint Intranet platform is for them. This can assist you in locating any process-related discomfort areas that require attention. You may develop a more efficient and exciting onboarding process for new workers by following these steps to gather feedback and improve the SharePoint onboarding procedure. 

Wrapping Up –  

SharePoint intranet for employee onboarding has turned the tides towards transformation in every business and industry. The tool has made new employees feel welcoming and happening with easy-to-access information and seamless user experience. Its configurable homepage, central repository, collaboration and communication capabilities, and training administration tools make it an effective and efficient way to onboard new staff.  

SharePoint Intranet can assist new hires in acclimating fast and successfully by giving a centralized location for onboarding information and encouraging teamwork and communication among staff members. Organizations can further enhance the onboarding process and better support new hires as they embark on their careers with the company by soliciting input from new hires and adjusting the platform and procedures. Overall, the SharePoint Intranet is a potent tool for speeding and improving the employee onboarding process. 

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