HRIS: The ultimate extension to HR Management Software

HRIS: The ultimate extension to HR Management Software

May 11, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Digital Solutions

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is an extension to HR management software for better employee experience that is used to provide a concentrated source of employee-employer data that the Human resource management needs for core human resource procedures and includes employee self-service functions. The solution features data entry, data tracking, data analysis, and information-related capabilities to take forward a wide range of HR department needs, including applicant tracking, onboarding, payroll, performance management, and accounting functions.

HR Management Software


Top HR management software development firms provide some of the amazing features in the HRIS solution that make work easy for employees and businesses. Some of the features are:

  1. Employee database and directory: HRIS helps maintain employee database and contain all the information about staff. This makes it easy to access any detail for HR. this could be in the perspective of payroll, attendance, leaves, etc. HR can access the information with just one touch.

  2. Benefits administration: HRIS eases the work for HR and the business, and thus it benefits the administration. Administration and management of the company and employees become easy and quick. Managers can focus on other work as well.

  3. Payroll: HRIS helps in maintaining the payroll of different employees with different pays. It automatically deducts taxes and benefits from the employees’ salaries.

  4. Time and attendance: HRIS helps maintain time schedules and attendance of the employee daily. This helps preserve professionality and discipline.

  5. Scheduling: HRIS can track schedules and shifts of different employees, making it easy to track the employee or their work.

  6. Standard reports: HRIS can generate customized and standard reports on the employee graph and staff’s graph.


Benefits OF Hris

There are various benefits of using this system:

Record-keeping: One of the main functions of HRIS is record-keeping of the employees’ data. This record-keeping makes work easy and mess-free.

Compliance: HR management system development companies will efficiently ensure the complete organization adheres to the given policies and updated ones.

Efficiency: HRIS syncs the data and information, automatically breaking the old school manual data management model.

HR strategy: HRIS eases the HR manager’s task management, which in turn helps the HR work on other factors like employee retention, people solutions, enhancing the productivity and employee centricity of the company.

Self-service HR: HRIS provides a feature that enables the employee to access their own account and details in it, also known as the self-service HR feature. Here the employee can access their data, attendance, leaves, salary slip, etc.

When is it time to get the HRIS system?

HRIS Solution

At a point, it becomes almost impossible to maintain employee information spreadsheets. Ideally, a company with 25 or more employees should have an HRIS system. This makes the work of HR easy and hassle-free. With this size, it becomes difficult to track and record all the information and update it. HRIS can be used with employees below 25 also; this helps HR build relations with the employees and not just focus on maintaining books.

It can handle data of thousands of employees, and this can be helpful in Multinational Companies as they have a very large database.

Importance of HRIS:

HRIS eliminates data duplication due to human error, making operating the HR system simple, effective, and beneficial. It becomes easy for HRs to track and assemble accurate data for report generation with the real-time data provided by HRIS. It saves and processes the data and generates reports that help to know the weaknesses and strengths, and opportunities that come on the way as it gives a view of a bigger picture of the business.

Not many companies give this service and solution of an HR management system. Companies like atQor provide not only the software but the solution service also. It is one of the best cloud HRIS Development companies Globally. It hires skilled developers to provide the best possible solutions and services in this field. Microsoft itself gives the HRIS solution through Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Choosing HRIS is a difficult task. The right system helps make the work easy for HR and the organization. It sets the HR team free to make a massive and strategic impact on the organization. There are many HRIS services available in the market. Choosing the best one for the company is very essential.

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