Know, How Travel Approval Request App Works for the Operational Flow?

Know, How Travel Approval Request App Works for the Operational Flow?

June 6, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Digital Solutions

Are you looking for advanced tools to modernize travel request approval services? Client acquisition and relationship building are essential for any business process. Nowadays, with the advent of technological innovation, companies take benefit of digital tools, one of which is an advanced travel approval request app.

For this reason, multiple organizations allow their employees to travel to perform business operations. However, the employees will take approval from the companies by submitting the leave request. However, organizations want to integrate the power app functions to make travel approval requests flawless to fulfill the niche requirements of executing crucial tasks.

Previously, companies and organizations used conventional techniques for the effective travel request management process, including the rows and columns to enter data for business trips that face human errors. Corporate employees have utilized email for communicating for submission of leave requests for a business trip. On the contrary, this conventional method will delay the approval process and add extra ticketing costs.

Hence, organizations and institutions will benefit from this automated travel request approval workflow that provides crucial information about business trips like travel expenses, budgets, accommodation, and leave request status.

Step-By-Step Workflow of Travel Approval Request App

Step 01:- Travel approval request submission

Submission of travel requests for approval is the first step that employees should complete and take approval from their managers. For instance, employees will submit all the necessary details of the business trip in the travel request form, such as the employee’s full name, project details, itinerary, expected travel expenses, total budget, accommodation information, etc.

After submitting all these business trip details, the travel request software solution automatically generates the employee’s travel request ID and traveler’s name through workflow automation services. Besides, this Power App function of the Microsoft 365 suite will forward the travel request to the first-tier manager for approval.

Step 02:- The manager reviews and approves the request

The travel request management app will forward the employee’s leave request for a business trip to multiple manager levels of the organization for approval. However, the app will automatically share the business trip details and leave requests to different manager levels based on the travel budget.

Indeed, this app will automatically provide the business trip request of the employee through the travel request approval workflow process.

In this stage, the manager or approver -1 will verify all the details and information mentioned in the business leave request and monitor the total budget of the trip. For example, if the travel budget is 1000 US dollars and the total budget for the business trip finalized is 1500 US dollars, then approver-1 will approve the travel request of the employee.

In contrast, if the total business trip budget in the travel request is 2000 US dollars, then approver-1 will forward the request to approver-2, who has the authority to re-verify the business trip details submitted by the employee and then approve it based on the project requirements. In addition, suppose the travel request is rejected by all the manager levels or multiple tiers like a manager, approver-1, approver-2, and approver-3. The travel request app automatically delivers the rejected business trip request to the employees.

Step 03:- Request is delivered to all the management departments

This Power app dedicated to travel approval requests will send all the business trip information to multiple manager levels and departments through workflow automation.

In this stage, all the multiple manager levels, management executives, and departments will again verify the business leave request of the employee. If any changes are required, they would inform a manager and forward the travel request to the next step.

Step 04:- Final approval of travel request by all departments

The fourth step is the final approval stage of the travel request applications. In addition, after completing the necessary correction, changes, and updates in the travel request from all the different manager levels and departments of an organization gives the green signal for leave request approval. 

Step 05:- Notifications sent to the employees and manager

In the final step of the travel request application, employees and managers will receive a notification regarding the approval or rejection of the business trip leave request. Therefore, the app will use an automated tool to send the leave request status to the employees and different management levels or tiers.

Afterward, the employee will receive the approved travel request and prepare for the business visit with the clients to execute crucial tasks based on the niche requirements.

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Streamline and Automate Business Processes with Travel Approval Request App

Building customer relationships and providing customer satisfaction with various services are vital for every business. For the productive growth of the company, they require continuous interaction with the customers available across the borders. For this reason, business travel is mandatory for employees to perform multiple tasks and build customer relationships, enhancing the company’s growth.

Also, the conventional methods of leave request submission and approval processes are time-consuming and expensive. For this reason, they are finding an automated, rapid, and cost-effective approach for leave request approval.

So, different companies and organizations can benefit from the dedicated travel approval request application, which offers workflow automation of all leave request processes.

If you want to integrate all the features of this power app dedicated to the travel approval request process for flawless travel request management in your organization, you can contact atQor. This certified Microsoft partner will offer a customizable travel request software solution based on your business requirements.

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