Know the Latest Power BI Updates for Improved Business Performance

Know the Latest Power BI Updates for Improved Business Performance

May 7, 2018 | Digital Marketing, Power BI

With increasing advances in business IT solutions, it has become easier for businesses to improve their performance significantly. Today, we have advanced business data analysis and data visualization tools that help to get an idea of the current business performance and make the desired tweaks to improve the business performance even more.

Out of all the available data analysis and reporting tools today, the Microsoft Power BI platform is the leading choice of thousands of small and large businesses worldwide. This cloud-powered platform is a comprehensive tool to not only collect and assimilate big business data but to analyze the data and produce relevant and accurate reports to help you make the best business decisions.

Excellent Power BI Updates

Usage Metrics Improvements

Usage metrics help to understand the impact of the dashboards and reports created for your business. Utilizing the usage metrics lets you see the Power BI usage data trends clearly.

Although the usage metrics are read-only, you can easily customize these with the ‘Save As’ option. This will help you to create a new dataset and convert the read-only report into a dynamic and interactive Power BI report which can be edited too.

The usage metrics report includes metrics for not only the selected report/dashboard but also gives access to all usage metrics from other dashboards/reports within the same work segment.

This feature is excellent for measuring the impact of a particular report or dashboard and helps to further improvise the report/dashboard for ultimately better business performance.

Easier Report Distribution with Power BI Premium

Sharing reports easily with other authorized personnel is one of the best features of the Power BI pack. To share your reports or dashboards with other users, you and the users must have a Power BI Pro license, or the content should be ‘Premium’. Today, even free users of Power BI can use the dashboards shared with them in a ‘Premium’ capacity.

MS Power BI allows you to easily share dashboards and reports from numerous workplaces, including ‘Favorites’, ‘My Workspace’, etc. When you share dashboards and reports using Power BI, the recipient can view these and interact with them. However, as the reports and shared dashboards are in a read-only format, these cannot be edited at the recipient’s end. If you allow it, the recipients can also share the same report or dashboard with other users by forwarding the same. It also becomes possible to share dashboards and reports with people outside the business without the fear of having the report/dashboard being edited or changed in any way.

Selective Reports Publishing

Using the latest updates of Power BI, it is now possible to customize how you share reports with other users.

The new option allows authorized personnel to choose the reports that they wish to be displayed to the recipients, while hiding the access to the others. This feature makes it possible to selectively share your reports within the Power BI app.

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