Know the Business Benefits of Microsoft Viva; Attend Webinar by BITSCAPE

Know the Business Benefits of Microsoft Viva; Attend Webinar by BITSCAPE

October 5, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft

Get ready to know about the latest solution offered by Microsoft for the modern employee experience. As a Gold partner of Microsoft, we offer an open and exclusive Webinar on Microsoft Viva to enlighten you about this technology-driven era’s best services and solutions.

An employee experience solution is essential for driving a cultural change, and we are on our toes to empower you with the same.

The fundamental functionality of Microsoft Viva in this modern corporate environment is

• Better employee engagement to drive a cultural change
• Upskill the employees
• Ensure their growth and well being

Why to attend the webinar on Microsoft Viva?

On 13th October ’21, Our certified consultant will demonstrate to you the way to leverage your enterprise with the benefits and easy functionality of Microsoft Viva.

• How to build an employee-centric work environment?
• How to ensure privacy and safeguard confidential data?
• How to simplify the operational complexity?
• How to Go beyond the boundaries of excellence?

Along with the live demo of the Solution, There would be a question/answer session to address all the queries entangled in the audience’s mind.

So, Don’t miss out on the event. This session is a high tide of knowledge and information about every dimension of employee experience.

Empower your company’s work culture, Acquire new functionality, Discover the hidden proficiency, Encourage upskilling and utilize the power of technology.

An open-source of knowledge for everything!

Followed by this event, there will be another webinar on 28th October ’21 on the E-connect solution of Microsoft. Stay connected with the series of episodes conducted by atQor to make you achieve your business goal.
How to explore Microsoft Viva?

We will illuminate the topics:
• What is Microsoft Viva?
• How to explore Microsoft Viva?
• And, How to use the features, Services, and Solutions to build a resilient business?

You are just a click ahead. Join the webinar to reinforce your operational house with all contemporary advantages and the Best Employee Experience Solutions in India.

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