Know the Need and Benefits of Artwork Approval System

Know the Need and Benefits of Artwork Approval System

December 9, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Digital Solutions

Artwork system, An Essential Need for Every Business 

An artwork solution is a consolidated software solution that streamlines the end-to-end packing process by connecting people and processes across the internal team, consumers, suppliers, agencies, and vendors to enhance the product while meeting compliance requirements. 

Packing and labeling are co-related to each other, and both are imperative for the success of a business. Internal Stakeholders (Marketing, Legal, Regulatory, QA, Procurement) and External Stakeholders (Printer, Design Agency, Translation Agency, Customer, Retailer, Supplier, Co-Packer, and others) are vital for the success of the product, and both the body adds value to different stages. 

For the operation of complicated packing, atQor’s Artwork Approval System enables quick streamlining and optimization in workflow systems throughout the product lifespan. 

A good-designed, eye-dilating, organised, and outstanding packing can facilitate the attraction of the consumers and compel them to go for the product with elegant packaging as compared to commonly packaged products. 

 The Automation augments the packing procedure and structures the workflow to uplift the brand’s reputation as per the display on the shelf, website, or e-commerce site. 

atQor is known for leveraging clients and customers with such automated solutions. 

Features of atQor’s Artwork System 

Features like Automation are an important aspect that an Artwork Approval System relentlessly focuses on. Some of the equally beneficial capabilities are: 

  • Advanced digital empowerment 
  • Packaging flow management  
  • Mutual user interface  
  • Admin system configuration 
  • Robust and customizable engine 
  • Automated workflow  
  • Invoicing & unique code generation 
  • Email Integration 

Look for an Optimized Artwork Approval System 

When Microsoft collaborates with its preferred Gold Partner like atQor, It emerges with few exemplary functionalities. Some of them are: 

Lifecycle Management: 

  • Configured workflow 
  • Automated differences identification 
  • On-board proofreading 
  • comment tracking 
  • Centralized artwork system 
  • Version management 
  • Audit trail 

Project Tracking & security 

  • View multiple projects 
  • Get notifications with specific details of the status 
  • Identify the status schedule of the given task 
  • User authentication system 
  • Multi-level queries & consent request generation 
  • Create MIS reports, the sort with products, users, agencies, status & much more 

Digital Reporting 

  • Automated generation of invitation 
  • Sending Invitations to internal & external reporters 
  • Reminders & escalations 
  • Performance analysis of reports 
  • Process monitoring schedule 
  • Approval of workflow 
  • Collaboration & Proofing 
  • Maintain status of every Artwork 

User Management & Interface 

  • Multiple level reporting 
  • Administrator control on the entire workflow 
  • Management and primary data creation 
  • User interface mapping 
  • Modification of tabs with collaborative functions 
  • Bifurcate the tabs as per the user’s requirement 
  • Quicker access of tabs from the dashboard 

These exceptional functionalities of an Artwork Approval System are crucial for the success of the business. 

Artwork system Leveraging Multiple Business Sector 

atQor has always empowered every industry with customised functions and tailor-made solutions for an innumerable line of businesses. Some of the major industries are: 

Wholesale & Distribution: The distribution and wholesale domain play a vital role in maintaining the market demands by lubricating the supply chain. We look forward to a solution that streamlines forecasting, order entry, purchasing, warehouse management, and inventory control with optimised financial balance, reports, and analytics features. 

These software solutions quickly meet the market demand by eradicating the possibility of understocking, overstocking, and backorders for the distribution team. The top-notch and sophisticated Microsoft technologies personalise the user experience and bring a world-class transformed distribution network. 

Challenges that we overcome: 

  • Order processing and warehouse management 
  • Investment management and profit analysis 
  • Pricing, promotion, financial reporting, and analysis 
  • Shipping, dispatch, and delivery 
  • Inventory forecast and replenishment 

Retail & Consumer Goods: Let’s rebuild the stores and customer units with the digital solution of atQor. The consumer goods industry has always been vulnerable to change in the flow of the market. Oscillating customers’ preferences, diverse choices, change in profit margin, and value for money has brought cutting-edge competition in this sector. 

So, The retail stores and consumer goods companies seek such innovated Artwork system solutions that can strengthen them with all competitive advantages in order to stay ahead of the competitors, ensure brand performance and drive the profit margin to the maximum. 

Challenges that we overcome: 

  • Optimize brand performance 
  • Sustain the operation excellence 
  • Connectivity across the enterprise 
  • Accelerate the innovation 

Hospitality: atQor holds a high degree of expertise in transforming every hospitality & leisure industry department with its digital services and technologies. Add brand value, fetch sales analysis, improve operational efficiency and enhance customer relations. Our customized solution exports a great role in polishing the guest experience and bringing a high-class ambience to draw the customers’ attention. 

Challenges that we overcome: 

  • Sale and marketing management 
  • Data management of booking slots 
  • Process management with customizable enhancement 
  • Guest relationship management 

Driven by the technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, atQor’s Artwork Approval System has broadened up the productivity and Return of Investment for other businesses like Healthcare, Pharma, Media, and communication. 

So, roll up your sleeves and get the best Artwork Approval System to defy the complexity of production and packaging. 

“It’s always better to adopt the trending demands of the market than to keep the tissues ready.” 

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