Leading Microsoft 365 Features Adopted By Retail Industries

Leading Microsoft 365 Features Adopted By Retail Industries

May 19, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft 365

Nowadays, retail industries face issues in task management and organizing instant operations and multiple business processes. Do you want to streamline and manage your retail business processes for better growth and performance? On the contrary, all these traditional time-consuming problems and task management queries get solved with technological development and the latest tools like Microsoft 365, which will act as modern retail solutions.

Let us understand how Microsoft cloud for retail helps overcome your business queries such as performance, efficiency, and productivity with a scenario. Suppose you have an online and physical retail optical store and utilize conventional methods for managing routine tasks effectively. But these techniques consume more time to complete a single task and organize information randomly, which is challenging to analyze.

However, various digital retail solutions reduce their complexity and make them simple to manage. For this purpose, there are extraordinary Microsoft 365 features that are valuable for retail industries and your retail optical store simultaneously.

List of Productive Microsoft 365 Features Useful for Retail Industries


Outlook: Scheduling Events and Meetings

An email marketing campaign successfully works and converts leads into sales for an online retail optical store. But they are using the email system, which lacks functions like automatically managing customers’ emails, collaboration, scheduling meetings, timely newsletter submission, and many more tasks.

For this purpose, you can utilize the advanced email management system and integrate it in your retail optical store from Microsoft 365 suite like Outlook. However, Microsoft Outlook provides numerous functions to your retail optical store. It gives smart retail it solutions like calendars for scheduling events, email storage space, hosting meetings, and email management services for easy analysis.

In this way, retail industries like an online retail optical store, in our scenario, will get a streamlined email management system and collaboration function with Microsoft Outlook.

Power BI: Track the KPI of Customers

An online retail optical store requires sufficient data on customers’ changing demands related to designer eyewear. Retail industries will benefit from the Power BI feature of the Microsoft 365 suite to solve this purpose and valuable tracking KPI of customers.

In addition, there are Power BI apps for retailers that will help them create business intelligence and insights overview of the customer’s requirement. In this manner, the retailers, and online optical stores, in our scenario, will make informed business decisions and update specific changes in parameters that suit customers’ demands. Therefore, Microsoft Power BI is beneficial for the retail industry in achieving its business goals through future insights based on customer requirements. 

OneDrive: Store Business and Customer’s Data

The continuous access, storage, and management of customers’ data securely play a vital role in retail industries. So, according to our scenario of an online retail optical store, they were using on-premises storage devices to manage the customer information and facing scalability and centralized data access issues.

For this reason, Microsoft 365 suite introduces OneDrive, which provides a centralized cloud storage platform for easy access and storing a large volume of customers’ data securely. However, OneDrive will act as an efficient Microsoft cloud for retail to manage and keep customers’ data with advanced protection.

However, in this way, the retail industries can take advantage of the cloud storage services of OneDrive and Microsoft 365 advanced features for secure data management.

PowerPoint: Deliver Product Demonstrations

Multiple tasks and business operations in retail industries require delivering product demonstrations to the customers to understand the product completely. For this purpose, the Microsoft PowerPoint function will act as the necessary digital retail solution for producing attractive and engaging product demonstrations.

In our online retail optical store scenario, the salesman will demonstrate detailed information about the eyewear product with interactive PowerPoint presentations.

Therefore, versatile engaging PowerPoint slides will quickly deliver the necessary eyewear information to the customers.

Hence, Microsoft PowerPoint helps all the retail industries by allowing them to create engaging, interactive, and attractive product presentations that boost customer relationships.

SharePoint: Accessing Company’s Portal

During the increased customer demand for a specific product, retail industries require to check the product inventory or online company’s portal for the necessary product details. For example, an online retail optical store experiences a huge demand for aviator sunglasses from a large customer base worldwide. For this purpose, they will verify the product presence in the inventory from the company’s portal.

In this situation, they can use the SharePoint feature to create and manage the entire organization’s network through the intranet. However, it is helpful for the sales team to search for the required aviator sunglasses from the product inventory online, share product information internally with team members, share innovative ideas and internal discussions, and access the company’s news.

Therefore, Microsoft SharePoint will act as one of the essential productive apps for retailers to access the company’s portal to search for required products in the inventory.

Streamline Retail Business Operations with Microsoft 365 Consultant

A wide variety of Microsoft 365 productive features are helpful for retail industries to securely store data in a centralized cloud platform like OneDrive and generate future business insights with Power BI tools.

In addition, the retailers can create intuitive product demos with PowerPoint, access the company’s portal for inventory management solutions through SharePoint, and apply other functions to different routine tasks for better performance and efficiency.

For a precise and detailed discussion regarding the productive features of Microsoft 365, you can directly approach atQor, a Microsoft 365 consultant who offers customized retail IT solutions based on your business requirements. In this way, the retail industries and retailers will benefit from the exceptional features of the Microsoft 365 suite and enhance tasks performance and efficiency.  

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