Let’s Unwind the Solution to a Better Employee Experience!

Let’s Unwind the Solution to a Better Employee Experience!

February 23, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Digital Solutions

The modern and digital business model that is proving itself to be successful at any marketplace is relentlessly focusing on better employee experience. Gone are those days when organization hierarchy use to follow the manual and monopoly method of workflow. Today the technology-driven era is demanding automation, authority, and flawless channel to express ideas, queries, and problems. This not only boosts up the horsepower of your engine but also helps to identify the area of progress and rectification. An effective Employee Experience Solution throws light on the problems and comes up with the best and most precise solution as per the need and feasibility of the situation.

The Urgent Need of Employee Experience Solution

Employee experience tools comprise consolidated software and specialized tools that converge the focus on enhancing the exposure for workers and gathering valuable inputs to validate the same. The solution is specifically implemented to optimize the experience regarding multiple aspects that value the acceleration of productivity and higher Return of Investment. Some prominent functionalities of employee experience management are:

  • Conduct frequent surveys and deliver analytical data about how the employees feel and experience across every touchpoint of the organization.
  • Optimize the HR communication that could conveniently integrate with employee portals to build a firm bridge down the line of hierarchy.
  • Stay aware of the efforts deployed by the employees and value their deliveries with perks, bonuses, and additional benefits.
  • Keep track of the obstacles and challenges that most of the employees are vigorously coming across.

So, a workplace experience solution broadly focuses on bringing the HR, IT, finance, and another operational segment on the same frame with complete involvement, coordination, and monitoring. The platform has been designed in such a way that a long list of HR-oriented services and tools get supported in a single place to refine the employee interaction and additional responsibilities overburdening the work culture.

The Statistics Narrate the Tale!

A Survey made by atQor says:

  • 82% of the concerned IT Team prefer to make their employees work on a consolidated platform to save time, effort, and resources.
  • 70% of the companies are relying on AI integration to enhance the employee’s productivity.
  • 69% of day-to-day work done by the managerial team would be automated by 2024.
  • 13% of the employees contend with their employee experience.

These data reflect the value of a much-needed digital workplace and an outstanding Employee Experience Solution. atQor is one such service provider that facilitates the same capabilities respectively.

Integral Features and Functionalities of Employee Experience Solution

A digital software solution can come up with a wide range of features and capabilities. These features not only lubricate the operational process but also build an indispensable brand of the company. Some key & fundamental traits among them are:

  • Offer workers one basic interface and connectivity for tracking down responses and taking care of issues regardless of their vitality.
  • Offer virtual associates, and excellent text and voice collaborations, so any worker can find solutions anytime, anywhere, and from any device.
  • Assist HR to track the journey of employees to facilitate a smoother process for giving them what they need, right away from better onboarding to work on assignments, training, and equipment distribution.
  • Technical advancement to remind the employees about pending tasks and assignments. This will improve the area of learning, development, and performance review.
  • Track down the performance and perception of each employee to identify the type of requirement regarding process enhancement and employee engagement.
  • Benefit the employees with relevant rewards, perks, and tokens of an acknowledgment as per the outcome of their effort and work.
  • Ease the HR functionality by automating the leave request, resignation process, offboarding, document verification, accounts management, and another similar services.

Three Pillars of Digital Experience Solution

The three major pillars of Employee Experience Solution are:

Ensured accessibility to self-service: To ensure an effective workplace experience solution, you need to make sure that your employees are broadly relying on self-service type work culture. More is the commanding approach of your hierarchy, least will be the efficiency of your Digital experience solution. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning play a significant role in achieving such operational behaviour and vision.

Obstacle removal and overcome challenges: To take care of an end-to-end experience of an employee, you need to make sure that he/she does not come across any obstacle or challenges at any touchpoint of his/her journey. Be it onboarding, offboarding, or any operational task in between, a refined and digital solution always tries to keep the voyage free of obstacles and impediments.

Continuous feedback to ensure efficiency: This is last but the most important score of a successful employee experience program. Taking continuous feedback via surveys, dip checks and online diagnostic tool is important to ensure the correctness of your chosen employee experience framework. A digital workplace should always be a functional two-way communication forum with the same communication authority from both ends.

atQor, The Best Employee Experience Service Provider

Being the frontline Gold Partner of tech-giant Microsoft, atQor owns an enormous capability to manage the task and resources with its customized and industry-specific employee experience management.

HRIS, e-Connect, Employee Executive Summary – HR Dashboard, HR Analytics – Dashboard & Reports, Onboarding – Offboarding Power Apps, Travel Request Power Apps, and Out of Office Power Apps conveniently integrate with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva to widen up the performance of the employees and put down a phenomenal experience for the employees.

Our effective deliveries are:

  • Supreme digital platform
  • Skills optimization system
  • Time/presence monitoring & scheduling
  • Automation
  • Daily Summary
  • HR-Info
  • Meeting Capture
  • Learn & Grow
  • Quick Chats
  • Timesheet
  • Upcoming Events
  • AI Built Chatbot
  • Time zone Converter
  • Important Mails

So, don’t be late. Hurry up and grab the exclusive benefits for a Better Employee Experience.


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