Leverage Your Operational Flow with Managed Azure Gold Services of atQor

Leverage Your Operational Flow with Managed Azure Gold Services of atQor

May 9, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Azure

To adopt, incorporate and harness the utility of cloud computing platforms, the certified Gold Partner, atQor, offers you a broad bandwidth of managed Azure services that brings you enterprise modernization, agile operations, scalable deployment, rapid innovation, and scrutinized business governance. All this expertise and capabilities are available with one console service.   

atQor’s Azure Gold Service Bundle offers you a streamlined and systematic deployment of Azure cloud enablement that widely counts on Fully Managed Microsoft Azure Service, Intelligent Azure services, Scalability, automation, and fast track innovations, Cloud Native Infrastructure configuration, Integrated SIEM Solution, automation, and governance, Well-Architected cloud Assessment, Synchronous Management of Azure Resources, Automating Microsoft Azure incident and change management, Service costs that scale with need, Cost Management + Budgeting.   

atQor’s Azure Gold Service Bundle  

Fully Managed Microsoft Azure Service: To optimize the end-to-end management of Azure infrastructure and streamline the cloud adoption journey, atQor comes up with an Azure gold service bundle for aspiring companies and enterprises in a modern business environment. Get full-fledged assistance in Azure managed services and create new benchmarks with the operational niche of business.   

Intelligent Azure services for modernizing enterprise agility:

To modernize the flexibility of business enterprises, atQor has a vast team of IT professional experts with Azure Gold Service Bundle that could make the cloud vision possible across every operational touchpoint of the company.   

Scalability, automation, and fast track innovations:

Get scalable infrastructure, automated operations, and accelerated technology innovation with Azure Gold services of atQor.   

Cloud-Native Infrastructure configuration:

Build an efficient, scalable, and high-performing ground of Azure infrastructure that tends to deploy faster results and higher Return on Investment in the recent market.  

Integrated SIEM Solution, automation, and governance:

For highly scalable cloud-native infrastructure with security information and event management solution driven by an automated response framework, we offer you smart and intelligent security analysis and threat intelligence solutions that could proactively identify the external attacks and malware to safeguard your organization.   

Well-Architected cloud Assessment:

Establish a well-constructed pillar for the firm, quality, and effective cloud infrastructure with the Microsoft Azure cloud adoption framework (CAF).   

Synchronous Management of Azure Resources:

To get an integrated event and log management system, Azure resources are synchronized with ITSM tools and other technology reinforcement.   

Automating Microsoft Azure incident and change management:

For high-value change management strategy and precise development for a modern business with an operational niche, atQor brings Azure Gold Service for the contemporary Industry 4.0 revolution.   

Service costs that scale with need:

With the Pay-as-you-go model, you can scale up and scale down the need and investment according to the company needs and requirements that are viably offered by the Azure Gold Service Bundle of atQor.   

Cost Management + Budgeting:

To evaluate, assign, and optimize the cloud expenses with transparency, accuracy, and optimum thrust, we as a Microsoft certified partner deploy an industry-specific and economical cost management and budgeting plan.   

Azure Gold Service: A Sound Investment for Modern Business!  

With a vast pool of IT professionals, technology geeks, and subject matter experts, atQor immensely strives to make you witness the Azure application hosting, SQL server development, Azure migration Cloud execution knowledge on IaaS, PaaS, and Hybrid models.   

These Azure traits held by us help you develop the business, mark down the return on investment and ensure the sustainability of the operations across the cloud infrastructural environment. 

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