Meeting Room Reservation System: Process, Features, and Benefits

Meeting Room Reservation System: Process, Features, and Benefits

April 16, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Digital Solutions

You may have come across issues like filled conference rooms at peak times and missed meetings due to this. For such reason, important meetings need to be rescheduled, and also, when the room is free, no one is using it as meetings have been rescheduled priorly. And this is a wastage of time, resources, and meetings.

There are multiple meetings bring held in the office, and not everyone can constantly cooperate with all departments. Thus comes the solution: Room Reservation System.

What is Meeting Room Reservation System?

This system is Software that enables the availability and scheduling the shared spaces in a busy office. This helps the departments and staff know when the room is empty and schedule meeting accordingly. This saves time and optimizes company resources and presentation areas.

How does the software work?

Meeting Room Reservation System

The number of meeting rooms and time slots for the same are given and can make booking accordingly. It also shows which slot is empty and for which room (if there are more). Here from the best meeting room booking system, you can also book the meeting rooms and services, e.g., if you want some refreshments served in the meeting at a particular time for a particular number of people, that can also be booked here. This message directly goes to the pantry, and thus they know what needs to be served, for how many people, and when.

Features and benefits delivered by Top Room Reservations Software Companies,

1. Intuitive: 

Not all employees are comfortable learning new technology frequently. The user interface of this Software is the same as that of Airbnb or Facebook; it’s intuitive and makes sense. Without any special training, and is very easy to use. It is easy to find a room or desk that’s empty and even easier to book it using the mobile apps of a desktop. With the Software, you will be able to find an empty room, reserve the place using a mobile app, and see which days office is the busiest.

2. Not much change:

Change is difficult for people. But this Software integrates with regular use platforms like Microsoft exchange, teams, outlook, and thus, it becomes easy for employees to book meetings with the well-known platform. The reservations will show on the outlook calendar as well as the Software’s platform.

3. Find teammates easily:

When sitting in a meeting with a large group of people, sitting with known teammates makes you comfortable. And so, this Software gives you the option to find your teammates’ seats and book one for you around them. This will make you comfortable and ready.

4. Seamless meeting experience:

The Software collaborates with all the regular use apps like Microsoft Exchange, Teams, Outlook, etc. Thus, the booking becomes easy, and the schedule appears on the outlook calendar and the software database. 

5. Data & utilization:

If you often come across questions like how much space does the office have? And how much is being utilized? And so on, this Software here answers these questions. The meeting room reservation system answers these questions and provides insight for decision-making. Whether new office space is needed, or you want to add collaborative areas, this Software provides you with all the information and insights for it. 

6. Business rules and configuration:

As an admin, you need Software that eases your burden rather than increasing it, and this Software does so. Rather than approving the booking requests manually and seeing to it that the room is being used and people don’t come up to you for personal favours for the same, this Software helps you look at all of this without being constantly there. It ensures people are using the space they booked and allow specific departments access to specific rooms as per their need.

7. Implementation:

Implementing this Software is very simple. The Software requires minimal IT support and less to no training. Thus, it’s perfect for a busy organization and people that don’t like too many changes. 

8. Perfect meetings:

Meetings adequately taking place end up in success. Meetings become easier to arrange, and if there are any changes, the Software itself shows. And can avoid clashes between two people or meetings here. And also, when things are correctly booked in advance, it takes that burden off the heads of the employees, and thus, they can concentrate on the meeting properly. Plus, this kind of professional arrangement gives the other people a great impression of the company and its management. 

9. Improved collaborations:

Collaboration between the employees and other supports is immensely increased. The scheduling of meetings makes sure that the support needed there, be it tech support or managed support, is arranged before time, and thus it helps the meeting be a success. So, the case where you reach the room and the projector is not ready, or the things you need aren’t there, doesn’t happen.  

10. Better space utilization:

This Software sees to it that the space is utilized appropriately. The booked rooms are being used, and all available rooms are being used as per the need. Employees are properly using the space, and utilization is happening. 

Who uses the meeting room reservation system?

According to the well-known Conference Room Management Software companies, enterprises with a large number of employees and multiple meeting rooms use this Software to help them book rooms and save time and properly utilize the space. This Software is used to book meeting rooms and avoid meeting clashes and wastage of resources. This helps save a lot of time and effort and enables appropriately utilize the available resources.

Why should you use this software?

As I explained above, this Software eases the work and eliminates the possibilities of clashes. This Software shows where, which rooms are empty, and for what time slot. This makes it easy to book meetings for that slot and avoid clashes with other people and their meetings. It also gives you the option of pre-ordering and booking refreshments and sees to it that the equipment you need is there. Thus, it saves a lot of time, avoids chaos, and makes the best available resource.

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