Microsoft 365: An Essential Driver of Data Integration Service!

Microsoft 365: An Essential Driver of Data Integration Service!

April 20, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft 365

Fragmented and distinctive data sources are the primary reason for confusion and ambiguity. To work on different volatile data points would never deliver a firm outcome resulting in the collapse of your operational model or possible ramp down of business. Any business working simultaneously or even alternately in a diversified information center could never succeed.  

To avoid this course of adversity, Microsoft Gold Partner atQor brings an exceptional data integration service broadly known as Big Data analytics that is extensively driven by multi-functional technology like Microsoft 365.  

What exactly is Data Integration? How Microsoft 365 Facilitates the process?  

Data integration is simply the unification of information from different, often contrasting data sources for 360-degree operational and business success.  

With the rise of modern business, the manual set (Physical Data Integration) up apparently lost its relevancy when companies and enterprises started switching to Data Integration Software solutions like Microsoft 365 as a part of the contemporary need for ensuring their sustainability.  

By incorporating a single data frame, it makes the data ready for further analysis, with an unimpeded algorithm, and impeccable data virtualization. Data Integration services drive an enormous focus on this expertise and enable the business to achieve its drafted goal.  

This is only possible when the system is integrated with Microsoft 365 to drive the consolidation of data points into a single compilation of data volume.  

The Need for Data Integration with Microsoft 365 in the Modern Business Frame  

For maximum impact of deliberate digital thrust in today’s business market, Data integration and a service provider deploying Data Integration ETL services is an imperative prospect across the industry. A single source of data always facilitates:  

  • Simplified Business Intelligence across the operational ecosystem  
  • Comprehensive analysis and arrangement of data-driven insights  
  • Achieve real-time goal that widens up decision-making ability  
  • Streamlined accessibility to information over on-premises and cloud database  
  • Better collaboration of business elements across every touchpoint of the company  

To ensure the fulfillment of these needs, a data integrated information source shall stay vibrant in modern business.  

To Summarize the need for Data Integration for any business model:  

  • Easy and Fast Connectivity   
  • Better Availability of Data  
  • Consolidation of Data  
  • Improved Insights for Business  
  • Enhanced Collaboration  

Major Roles Performed by Data Integration Consultant  

The prominent roles performed by Data Integration Consultants are:  

Optimized Development  

A service provider like atQor streamlines the source of information on a single note using Microsoft 365 services making it easy for companies and enterprises to optimize the organization’s overall development.  


To ensure the production, delivery assurance, development, test, and quality base, technology configuration across the complete ecosystem is vital for the process. atQor strives to ensure the same with ETL and Data Warehousing services using M365.  

Build a common Data Centre  

Consolidation of multiple data centers is a pivotal role performed by a Data Integration Consultant like atQor. Merging all information points to make an amalgam of crucial data is an essential degree for a data integration consultant.  

Facilitating Better Operational Delivery  

Better is integrating data in a single frame; better will be the predictive analysis one could fetch from the system. This will improve the company’s decision-making ability, leading to outstanding operational delivery across every department of the organization.  

How does atQor facilitate Data Integration Services?  

Being the Leading Service Provider in the market, atQor offers end-to-end assistance in ETL and Data Integration solution delivery, Cloud data integration, IPaaS, Data Warehouse, Data Governance Framework, Data quality Basics, Customer 360 degree, and Application Integration for almost every business, industry, and marketplace performing at a global level.  

The most important facilitation that atQor brings to these industries is to break the bilingual boundaries and put the line of information on a common language page. This gives an assured vitality to the data integration service, and this is something atQor focuses on.  

Today, the backdrop of data integration has completely transformed. Business information that relied on a physical hard drive is now extensively counting on the cloud ecosystem. Organizations are no longer staying constricted to a single data center; rather, they are relying on multiple frames of information.  

To merge every possible note of information, atQor is undoubtedly the best in the business.  

The three major steps that we follow are:  

Data Accessibility: Get access to data from various sources, line on-premises, hybrid, and cloud storage.  

Data Integration: This is to merge multiple data sources into a single guideline so that data can be easily processed.  

Delivering Data: This is referred to the deployment of data as per the schedule or real-time delivery. The consolidated data can also be delivered in batches or a single unit.  

Final Thought  

With the above discussion, we can easily conclude that Data service is undoubtedly an essential need for the success of the modern business. Be it Cloud Data Migration or conducting ETL service, Our team of IT experts is the best in the business.   



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