Microsoft acquires BigPark Inc. to usher a new chapter in gaming

Microsoft acquires BigPark Inc. to usher a new chapter in gaming

May 9, 2009 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft

A few years ago, Microsoft Corp. announced its intention to acquire the interactive online gaming enterprise known as BigPark Inc. A company with headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, BigPark Inc. was founded in the year 2007 by some industry veterans who contributed to the growth and development of two majorly successful software companies called Electronic Arts Canada and Distinctive Software Inc. The founding team of BigPark is comprised of business leaders having more than 80 years of in-depth collective experience working in the video gaming industry. They have produced or at least overseen numerous blockbuster franchises such as “Need for Speed,” “NBA Street” “FIFA Soccer,” and “SSX.”

The acquisition of the interactive online game development studio BigPark Inc. is going to bring the company’s talented developers into the Microsoft Game Studios. With Microsoft, the BigPark team is going to work on the development of an exclusive Xbox 360 gaming project. Over the last few years or so, BigPark and Microsoft have together worked closely on the project, thus presenting Microsoft with an upfront and clear view of the talent and innovative potential of BigPark.

Phil Spencer, the general manager of Microsoft Game Studios said that they are quite delighted to have the BigPark team working together with them to create the next big entry in the world of gaming. The team of BigPark includes some of the most creative and highly experienced minds who are currently working with the gaming industry today. This collaboration of Microsoft Game Studios and BigPark is going to bring together the talent pools of the two companies and lead to accelerated innovation and growth. The experts at Microsoft Game Studios strongly believe that BigPark professionals has got tremendous potential that can help them to create innovative gaming experiences and new properties for the various Microsoft platforms. They believe that within a short time they can come up with an awesome gaming entry.

Hanno Lemke, the CEO and co-founder of BigPark who is going to report to the post-acquisition of Spencer, has formerly served in development and executive positions with Distinctive Software Inc. and Electronic Arts. Over the years, he oversaw or produced various hit and well received games such as “Need for Speed,” “NHL Hockey” and “Skate.” Lemke has also said that given the shared passion of BigPark and Microsoft Game Studios to break new grounds on the field of gaming and produce state of the art online gaming entries, the new partnership with Microsoft that BigPark entered into can work perfectly for both parties. Due to this reason, it has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience for the team at BigPark.

The conglomeration is going to provide them with easy access to unparalleled resources, talent, and exciting innovative opportunities that are working within Microsoft. The opinion has been voiced by Wil Mozell, who is also the studio co-founder and president with BigPark. He also said that his firm BigPark is also looking forward to actively being a part of Microsoft Game Studios so that they can work on games that will enjoy massive popularity in future.

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