Microsoft Azure Cloud Security Service 

Microsoft Azure Cloud Security Service 

January 23, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Azure Cloud Security Service 

In the digital landscape, data and information play a pivotal role for every organization. The rapid growth of the latest technology enables enterprises to build business-critical applications in a complex infrastructure that executes through sensitive data.  

However, the primary concern of all organizations is to make this confidential and sensitive business information secure. According to the survey, cybercriminals manipulate and illegally penetrate 93% of companies through traditional and minimal secure network design.  

In the conventional on-premises IT infrastructure, enterprises had limited resources and unfulfilled responsibilities to manage security. It accidentally creates an environment suitable for attackers to execute malicious activities by exploiting vulnerabilities at all layers.  

The continuous shift of businesses towards cloud technology from the on-premises hardware to boost innovation and promote collaboration lacks robust security. For this purpose, atQor, a Microsoft Azure expert MSP, offers azure cloud security services that create a strong protection layer across all the essential resources such as data, applications, virtual systems, computing services, networks, perimeter, and physical devices.     

According to research, it is found that companies experienced an 80% reduction in time and effort to remediate incidents.  

Apart from that, 75% of threats are eliminated automatically by setting access policies and reducing nearly 40% of data breaches in enterprises after successful cloud migration.  

While migrating the entire architecture of an enterprise to a cloud platform like Microsoft Azure, there are maximum chances of experiencing multiple cyber threats and attacks.  

Now, it is the place where Microsoft cloud security comes into the picture to protect the cloud computing environment against cyber threats and malicious attacks. 


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What are Azure security services? 

Azure security services are a compilation of security measures devised to shield cloud-based data, applications, and infrastructure.  

Moreover, you can utilize and integrate Microsoft azure security functions into your workplace architecture to track users and devices. Protect the privacy of confidential data with strong authentication, secure resource, and data access policies.  

Indeed, Azure cloud application security is utilized in cloud platforms to protect sensitive business data from hackers, malware, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and illegal access.  

In-depth defense system capabilities of azure cloud security architecture help your company to monitor, secure, and manage cloud infrastructure and data.  

For this purpose, atQor offers a complete suite of Microsoft security applications that secures the cloud platform and enables your enterprise to customize built-in controls and services to meet robust defense system requirements. 

In addition, the integration of ML capabilities and unique intelligence into azure cloud app security services safeguard your firm from threats.  

In this regard, our azure cloud security services support multiple layers of defense, spanning enterprise data, apps, virtual machines, networks, perimeter, related policies, and physical security within data centers.  

Furthermore, Azure’s defense system that provides robust data security and encryption methods to your firm for safeguarding sensitive data by integrating numerous cybersecurity recommendations and strengthen the defense system. 

  • Primary Azure Security 

Microsoft Defender for Cloud: Integrate this type of robust protection of cloud workloads into your infrastructure that provides security posture management for various resources, including on-premises and multi-cloud platforms. This category of azure security services automatically detects and tracks potential cyber threats based on your security posture. 

Azure Key Vault: It is a type of Azure cloud app security that provides a dedicated secure store to safeguard confidential information like passwords and connection strings required for successfully working applications.   

Azure Monitor logs: It offers your company a dedicated tracking service that gathers telemetry and essential business data for in-depth threat analysis. They can receive a system that provides analytics and query language to extract the operational insights from azure resources and apps. It can be utilized as a standalone security service or combined with other defence services like defender for the cloud. 

Azure Dev/Test Labs: Azure development and test lab services help azure security experts, developers, and application testers rapidly create customizable azure environments by reducing time for storage size and control parameters.   

  • Storage Security 

Azure Storage Service Encryption: It is a part of azure security services which implements service-side encryption (SSE) to encrypt and secure your data in Azure storage automatically. This security feature protects your sensitive data by following all your compliance requirements and governance policies. 

StorSimple Encrypted Hybrid Storage: By utilizing this azure security parameter in your infrastructure, you can receive an integrated storage solution that efficiently manages and monitors multiple storage tasks between azure cloud storage and operating on-premises devices like a hypervisor.  

Azure Client-Side Encryption: It is a section of storage security where your data gets highly secure and protected at both ends. While transiting and before uploading to Azure storage, it automatically encrypts your data inside the applications and decrypts crucial information while downloading to protect it from cyberattacks.  

Azure Storage Shared Access Signatures: This type of azure storage security enables your company to grant limited and authorized access to the crucial resources in your storage account.  

Azure Storage Account Keys: It is a specific control technique executed to authenticate different data objects such as files, blobs, tables, and queues while accessing a storage account.   

Azure SMB 3.0 Encryption: This type of Microsoft cloud app security is dedicated to the Azure managed file sharing services that enable automatic network encryption through Server Message Block protocol.    

Azure Storage Analytics: It is a specific system that records and delivers data metrics for your storage account. Your company can utilize this vital information and reports to analyze usage trends, trace requests, and identify issues concerning your azure storage account.   

  • Identity and Access Management 

Azure Role-Based Access Control: It is a specific type of access control functionality and authorization system that allows you to manage access to users based on their roles in your organization. To minimize illegal data access, you can grant access to essential resources by assigning roles to the users or groups for executing critical business tasks. 

Azure Active Directory: This identity and access management service is a cloud-based authentication repository that monitors all the activities from internal and external resources for security concerns. It delivers multiple support for a cloud-based directory, multi-tenant, and different types of identity management services in Azure.  

Azure Active Directory B2C: It is a category of identity management services that tracks and controls the different methods customers utilize for sign-in, sign-up, and managing their profiles in azure-based applications. This parameter of Azure cloud security delivers your customer single sign-on access to applications.  

Azure Active Directory Domain Services:  It is a cloud-based active directory service offering unique functionalities that manage multiple domain services and safeguard your workplace environment from cyberattacks penetrating websites. It handles domain services like group policy, domain join, and lightweight directory access protocol for comprehensive protection.  

Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication: A particular security provision technique utilizes different verification and authentication processes before granting access to secure and confidential information. This parameter of Microsoft cloud app security reduces and prevents illegal information access, threats, and risks of vulnerabilities penetrating your company. 

  • Database Security 

Azure SQL Firewall: It is a type of azure security service for robust network access control that protects against network-based attacks on your sensitive databases. Integrate a server-level firewall to your security infrastructure that automatically blocks multiple access for databases to the public endpoint in the server.   

Azure SQL Cell Level Encryption: A significant database security technology that provides your company an option of comprehensive encryption for your columns to protect sensitive data from illegal access and cyber threats. You can utilize different encryption algorithms to encode the confidential data in the database, like credit card numbers, passwords, and more, that get decrypted by authentic users.  

Azure SQL Connection Encryption: This functionality provides robust security to your SQL database by monitoring the access with firewall rules that restrict the IP address’s connectivity. It automatically encrypts all the data during transmission in the connection string for advanced protection. It also verifies the users with efficient authorization mechanisms for accessing data.  

Azure SQL Always Encryption: A dedicated database security service that gives enterprise-grade protection to all your sensitive data stored in SQL server databases or Azure SQL databases. You can safeguard your confidential business data like financial details, national identification numbers, and credit card information.   

Azure SQL Transparent Data Encryption: It is a type of database security attribute which helps protects all the databases such as Azure SQL managed instance, Azure SQL database, and Azure Synapse analytics against malicious activities and cyberthreats in offline mode by encrypting data at rest.  

Azure SQL Database Auditing: This category of database security services automatically tracks all your database events and inscribes them to an audit log in your Log Analytics workspace, Azure storage account, or Event Hubs. It helps your company to track and monitor the use of azure SQL database services, maintain regulatory compliance, and deliver insights into the vulnerabilities and abnormalities of any suspected security violations.      

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery  

Azure Backup: A dedicated azure cloud security type that you can utilize to initiate backup and restore data from the virtual machine and the Azure cloud. It ensures advanced protection from ransomware attacks and other threats by enabling multifactor authentication.  

Azure Site Recovery: By integrating this functionality into your defense system, you can orchestrate recovery and backup of workloads and crucial business applications running in virtual machines and physical devices to the secondary locations from the primary site during disaster and failure events.   

  • Network Security 

Azure VPN Gateway: It is a specific network device you can utilize as a VPN endpoint to send and receive encrypted traffic between cross-premises and Azure virtual networks. 

Network-Specific Groups: Utilize this robust network-specific access control functionality with strong cyber-intelligence capabilities to initiate and control vital decisions. 

Web Application Firewall: It is a dedicated security function of the azure application gateway which helps your business to secure web applications and protect them from modernized cyber threats like cross-site scripting threats, SQL injection, and illegal identity access.   

Azure Application Gateway: Your firm can utilize this virtual network gateway to transmit highly secure and encrypted traffic through a primary connection. An advanced web application and traffic load balancer enable your organization to manage inbound and outbound traffic to your web applications and services. This Microsoft azure cloud app security parameter seamlessly routes the network traffic based on URL and executes SSL-offloading.   

Azure Load Balancer: This type of defense system works as a load balancer at an application network layer of TCP or UDP which offers highly flexible security services by distributing additional incoming traffic towards the healthy virtual machines. The health analysis monitors a port on every VM and distributes traffic to the secure operational virtual machines. 

Azure ExpressRoute: This committed azure security service for networks offers your business a wide-area-network link to connect on-premises networks with Azure virtual networks. It seamlessly allows you to extend your existing networks into the cloud by utilizing a private connection to make a secure environment that prevents cyber threats.  

Azure Traffic Manager: It is a network security parameter that manages DNS-based network traffic and acts as a load balancer. You can execute this service which allocates traffic to your public applications across the Azure regions globally. This azure cloud app security provides the centralized management of public endpoints with immediate responsiveness.   

Azure Application Proxy: A particular type of security services and a section of the Azure active directory that delivers secure remote access to web applications executed on-premises. Develop an intense authentication process with a single sign-on function of azure AD, and gain access to both on-premises and cloud applications.  

Azure Firewall: This network-specific azure security service protects your significant Azure virtual network resources by combating cyberattacks with a highly encrypted system. Integrate and deploy this intelligent network firewall security services, which delivers modernized threat protection for your workloads operating in Azure. 

Azure DDoS Protection:Azure cloud security service that you can implement with a combination of innovative application design offers substantial defense against DDoS attacks and safeguards your Azure resources in a virtual network. 

Virtual Network Service Endpoints: This azure virtual network security service offers your business safe connectivity of azure resources over an optimized route. It allows you to execute an extension of secure virtual network private address space and your VNet identity by using a direct connection.   

Features of Microsoft Azure security services 

Azure cloud security services come preloaded with diversified features that help corporate companies to build a strong defense system. This secure environment combats various cyberattacks and suspicious activities entering infrastructure.  

  • Defend Malware 

Receive this exceptional feature integrated with azure security services for advanced protection against malware through the azure management portal. 

  • Access management and control 

By using azure multi-factor authentication services, high-tech firms can perform penetration tests to examine the identity of users for unauthorized access to sensitive data and services.  

  • Protect and Secure Networks 

Organizations can utilize azure cloud security architecture to develop virtual firewall and segment instances with multiple deployments. The Azure virtual network gateway enables enterprises to create an encrypted security network using personalized IPs and IP subnets. 

  • Azure Key Logs 

Harness the potential of Microsoft Azure Keys that are highly encrypted with vigorous 256-bit AES encryption methods and devise a strong security system.  

Moreover, your industry can utilize the Microsoft security vault to streamline and automate crucial business tasks based on SSL certificates.  

  • Safe and secure platform 

Azure security services are reliable for integrating modernized computing solutions and multiple advanced information security functions on the Azure cloud platform.  

Now, your company can easily follow upgraded security frameworks and policies to receive sophisticated protection for all their critical business processes.  

Examine potential and sensitive security threats by integrating and utilizing Azure Sentinel SIEM and SOAR capabilities, Microsoft cloud app security, Azure network watcher, and Azure firewall manager.   

  • Workplace complexity 

Azure cloud security offers scalable, flexible, and agile security solutions to your company that follow any IT workplace environment, resources, backend, software, applications, workload, networks, IoT devices, and edge.  

Besides, high-tech firms can integrate numerous security functions into their defense system for combating cyberattacks by using Azure AD, Azure Sentinel, Azure Key Vault, Azure cloud app security, Azure firewall, Azure DDoS protection, Azure confidential computing, and Azure Monitor. 

  • Azure managed cybersecurity services 

Utilize the advanced security and analytics functions of Azure security services to get a summary of threats, investigate, and resolve them with built-in intelligence capabilities.  

Integrate azure cloud app security and azure sentinel into your defence system to achieve sophisticated protection on all numerous connected servers, devices, apps, platforms, networks, IoT, and edge environments.  

  • Cost-effective defense services 

Minimize cloud migration costs with azure security services by reducing dedicated hardware and IT infrastructure to track security and risk management queries.  

  • Efficient governance and compliance 

Azure cloud security architecture offers simplified compliance and governance to your organizations to devise their strict loyalty based on the national, local, and global compliance regulatory standards.  

Create adaptable hierarchies and policies for various service subscriptions through Azure management groups. 

Seamlessly apply group policies, devise compliant workflow environments on the cloud with Azure Blueprints, and effectively manage them with Azure resource graph. 

  • Manage resources securely 

It has simplified resources management through automated azure cloud security services for constant tracking, real-time maintenance, and risk alerts that help you to reduce manual processes for robust security monitoring.  

Besides, azure cloud security, Log Analytics, Log apps, Azure AD, and Azure Monitor manage the safety of all the significant applications and platforms through a centralized Azure portal. 

  • Precise incident analysis 

By using Advanced managed detection on Azure, businesses can substantially decrease their mean time for detecting and resolving potential threats and incidents.  

Take benefit of the innovative security functions of Azure Sentinel to automatically detect unfiltered threats, risk alerts, in-depth incident analysis, security information event management, and security orchestration automated response.  

Besides, other connected Azure resources also help various firms with precise incident analysis, including Azure AD, Azure monitor, azure cloud app security, Azure Backup, Azure logic apps, and Azure DDoS protection. 

  • Role-based access control 

Achieve robust access control with Azure cloud app security services in your organization to combat potential threats and risks.  

You can assign definite access roles to administer functions across the security workflows using Azure AD, privileged user access management, and incident access management.  

  • Inhibit outdated policies 

Companies can prevent outdated policies by using this exceptional feature of azure security services.  

Indeed, they can integrate world-class enterprise-grade security methodologies, frameworks, and solutions in their defense system that include Azure Sentinel, Azure Firewall, Azure Monitor, Azure DDoS protection, Azure network watcher, Azure confidential computing, Azure cloud app security, Azure Monitor, Azure site recovery, and Azure blueprints for robust threat detection and hunting.  

  • 24/7 Assets tracking 

Achieve instant 24/7 asset tracking on your sensitive data, devices, networks, virtual systems, platforms, applications, servers, IoT networks, and edge through Microsoft cloud app security.  

Also, track resources for potential threats using Azure DDoS protection, Azure AD, Azure Monitor, Azure firewall manager, and Azure network watcher.  

  • AI-based security solutions 

Easily integrate and experience artificial intelligence capabilities for sophisticated threat detection and prevention to secure the entire workplace.  

Azure security services offer modernized cybersecurity intelligence functions of azure sentinel, universal alert detection, threat hunting, and in-depth incident analytics from various Azure resources.   


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Choose atQor for Azure cloud security 

  • atQor is a certified Microsoft Azure Expert MSP. 
  • We offer a wide range of enterprise-grade secure Azure cloud security services for building robust defense systems to protect enterprises from cyberattacks and threats. 
  • We have 20+ years of extensive knowledge and technical expertise in utilizing Microsoft technologies. 
  • Our experienced Azure security experts provide necessary guidance on successful cloud migration and data backup services. 
  • We value customer satisfaction and provide azure cloud security services based on their requirements. 
  • We provide a state-of-the-art cloud migration framework to deploy Microsoft cloud security services for building a secure infrastructure.  
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Choose atQor for Azure cloud security 
atQor is a certified Microsoft Azure Expert MSP.  We offer a wide range of enterprise-grade secure Azure cloud security services for building robust defense systems to protect enterprises from cyberattacks and threats.  We have 20+ years of extensive knowledge and technical expertise in utilizing Microsoft technologies.  Our experienced Azure security experts provide necessary guidance on successful cloud migration and data backup services.  We value customer satisfaction and provide azure cloud security services based on their requirements.  We provide a state-of-the-art cloud migration framework to deploy Microsoft cloud security services for building a secure infrastructure.
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