Unfold every Possible Dimension of Microsoft Azure with Microsoft Ignite 2021

Unfold every Possible Dimension of Microsoft Azure with Microsoft Ignite 2021

November 8, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft Ignite Event

Microsoft is a prominent Technology Leader who believes in sharpening its technology blade according to the trending operational demand of the market. At MS Ignite, organized in Nov’21; the US-based company proclaimed to deliver a strong alternative to its subordinates.  

On the eve of this event, the leading tech giant announces the broadened capabilities of Azure with multiple refurbished attributes. Azure Open AI Service is now Azure Cognitive Service that offers the enterprises top-notch security with hi-tech scalable and compliance approach. 

Conjure the Azure Benefits from Microsoft Ignite 2021 

Leveraged by technology like Artificial Intelligence, Azure has now emerged with a wide range of new updates in November ’21: 

Azure AI: Azure Cognitive Service for Language 

Microsoft has made a phenomenal effort to converge the capabilities into a single frame that was previously available with Text Analytics, QnA Maker, and Language Understanding. So, Improve your user experience with different language capabilities and multiple services. 

A commitment tier pricing model for Azure Cognitive Services 

Ignite also unfolds a cost-effective and scalable alternative to pay as you use the model. Customers can incorporate large service volumes at a discounted price as per the company’s feasibility or organization. 

Azure Data: User-friendly Azure Cosmos Database 

Azure Cosmos DB is presenting a whole new set of functionalities that facilitates the developers to build an economic database and migrate Apache Cassandra data to the cloud. Cost-effectiveness, enhanced productivity encapsulates setting expenditure limits and cost-saving alerts for Azure Advisor and partial document updates for the Core (SQL) API demanded by most consumers. 

The Latest announced features of Azure Synapse Analytics 

With the new updated features, customers can now optimize the database per the specific industry. New project formats can empower templates to entertain a wide scale of business areas in detail. The latest database features for retail, consumer packaged foods, and the financial services industry have been considered in the preview. 

With real-time Azure Synapse data explorer analytics, you can fetch query engines optimized and built for log and time-series data workloads. Customers can now easily access the data and fetch meaningful insights from it. 

The new investment plan in Azure SQL will now boost the connectivity and security for the customers. 

Azure IoT 

With the advancement of Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT) is getting widely adopted, with more than 90% of the organization empowering their IT base using it. With the preceding in IoT technologies, organizations can now explore: 

Rapid benefits and solutions to emerging challenges for quick success and better productivity. 

To ensure the key benefits across the industries like manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and energy industries. 

The use of advanced IT technologies like artificial intelligence for making digital twins in IT solutions. 

Azure Mixed Reality 

HoloLens 2 Industrial Edition and HoloLens 2 Development Edition would be exclusively available in the market at a 15% discount for a limited time period till November 30, 2021. $500 in Azure credits and 3-month trials to Unity Pro and Pixyz Plugin, the leading 3D development platforms, when purchasing Microsoft HoloLens 2 Development Edition. 

With this, Mesh marks a benchmark for 2D, and 3D experience with Microsoft by filling the gap between tangible and intangible worlds, empowering every individual across the company. Make an interactive conversation and use emojis to express the live reaction with a wide range of avatars. Organizations can now use immersive spaces that resemble dynamic infrastructures like conference rooms, lounges, water-coolers, and other aristocratic aspects. 

Azure: The ultimate Saviour for Today’s Business World 

The last one and a half years have been an avalanche of change for enterprises across the globe. Right away from corporate offices to the retail industry, everything has witnessed the phase of drastic digital transformation. So, it’s better to stay trendy with the market and disburse timeless empowerment to your company. 

As a preferred Gold Partner of Microsoft, atQor possesses the complete capability to streamline your company’s functionality with the uplifted technologies of Microsoft. 

How can atQor Contribute with its Azure expertise? 

 Being a frontline Gold Partner of Microsoft, atQor has phenomenal capability in leveraging your company with the updated features of Azure. Be it Azure Cognitive service, IoT, or Mixed Reality.


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