Microsoft, the biggest player in the domain has acquired GitHub

Microsoft, the biggest player in the domain has acquired GitHub

June 21, 2018 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft

Going with the Latest news that has come up as no less than a quake in the IT Sector, Microsoft, the biggest player in the domain has acquired GitHub,  the world’s largest community forum of developers and coders with a whopping number of 28M developers an 85M repositories worldwide. While there are mixed reactions from the community of developers with GitHub regarding this acquisition, it is more or less being seen as a welcome change as the community is already catering to huge organizations such as Google and Facebook for high end developing projects and the M&A with Microsoft will be no less than a jackpot for the developer community if things go the smooth way. The deal that has cost Microsoft a good $7.5bn will surely aim making the coder community more leveraged and powerful than earlier and getting a lot more work on a global level into their kitty.

Whilst some of the inmates are of the view that the acquisition of the 10 year old forum was inevitable and are sad about it, some are positive that it is Microsoft that took the step and has now access to the largest code repositories and developers on a single platform. Though that means that Microsoft has added a major chunk to its already existing people that it is now responsible for, developers and coders are in the hope that the cultural changes that would come into picture with Microsoft stepping in would be radical and might take some time to spread out to the entire community.

Although there has been no clarity yet on how the humungous data would be used by Microsoft and how it plans to reap on its investment, but surely the IT Giant would not plan such a strong step until it has some strategic benefits for  them in the near future as well as in the long run. This has also brought up a question that whether companies such as Facebook, Google, Linked, Apple, etc. would continue to be regularly associated with GitHub as earlier now that Microsoft is also involved in the picture. While this unfolds at a not so gradual pace, the best way to know what will happen and what major changes this might cause in the IT Sector is to wait for things to happen and then make the most of it.

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