Microsoft Teams – Best Workplace and Work from home collaboration application

Microsoft Teams – Best Workplace and Work from home collaboration application

April 9, 2020 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft Teams

How would you feel if someone told you that by using a single application, you could email, video chat, meet call, collaborate and do live events/broadcast at one place, regardless of your location? Sounds a little hard to find in one app, right? But it’s not! atQor, a team of technical experts, will help you implement work culture via the Microsoft Teams platform and team work solutions.

Microsoft Teams

atQor brings you a complete solution for group collaboration in an organization that helps your company and its employees address the requirements and work style for each group. With its offices being spread across the globe at India, USA and Canada, Microsoft Teams aids them stay connected and conduct meetings and conferences.

With Microsoft Teams, you get a system for Office 365 that incorporates the use of workplace which is chat-based for easy inflow of work and an increase in pace. It is a hub that provides the team a workspace that consists of every requirement in a single place, which includes content, chat, tools, people, and live interaction. No matter where you are, you can host an audio, video or web conference with anyone, whether it is someone is or isn’t a part of your organization.

  • Why use Microsoft Teams?

With Microsoft Teams as a part of your organization, you will have benefits like:

  • A live chat
  • Meetings along with on-call work discussions
  • Emailing and work scheduling
  • Sending a message via the command box
  • Consulting before transferring a call
  • Auto-favorite important channels
  • Getting a reminder if your team is expiring
  • Establish connections across the company
  • Controlling the outflow of data with a precise security system
  • You can create a team of up to 600 members
  • Have fun activities and games!

While working from home, you can set up your own workspace, maintain healthy boundaries, clasp meetings, record your meetings for future reference, and most importantly, get the feel of working at office while being at home!

So, are you getting your Microsoft Teams’ app today?
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