Modern SharePoint Intranet: An Effective Design to Develop Intranet

Modern SharePoint Intranet: An Effective Design to Develop Intranet

January 18, 2021 | Digital Marketing, SharePoint


Communication has been a significant barrier to organizations for the past few years. Even it can form a harmful effect on employee relations. Moreover, communication barrier negatively affects employee productivity and employee morale.

Suppose this kind of barrier remains constant for a more extended period of time. In that case, it can supposedly cut down your profit ratio and lead to blunders that adversely impact the company’s market reputation.

According to CMSWire reports, 85% of employees use more than one communication tool to communicate at the workplace.

Modern SharePoint intranet aids in enhancing transparency and removing communication obstacles in businesses.

Microsoft SharePoint Intranet Intranet is a secure and compliant space to collaborate for organizational users, essential to employee cooperation, communication, projects, and content. SharePoint Intranet is a digital workplace management tool that helps organizations to make the most out of their employees.

Moreover, the intranet is suitable for large organizations where many employees have worked; for them, this intranet portal is helpful to manage internal policies and connect different departments inside the work premises.

Top Reasons businesses should Upgrade their Intranet

For specific reasons, the firms should move to current intranet services. Let’s review it thoroughly,

Boost Employee Communication and Collaboration

Having decent modern intranet solutions like SharePoint boosts employee communication and collaboration through file sharing, emails, and many more practices, which are surprisingly designed. Similarly, the design of the intranet portal is pretty simple and user-friendly.

Besides, organizations use the intranet to share their vital files and records with their coworkers securely.

Even the SharePoint Intranet tool reduces information overload for business users. Here, you can easily share important information, and this intranet makes it easy to search for information from corporation users.

In this single platform, organizational users get all the info related to updates and outmoded guidelines.

Increase Transparency and Employee Engagement

Microsoft-provided SharePoint, well-known as an intelligent Intranet, is advantageous for corporate users. They can collaborate easily in real-time, which means employees can work together, communicate with different departments, and get to know what’s happening in the whole organization.

In the end, an organization that has transparency in their workplace with their employee are on the path to accomplishment.

Transparency in an organization has incredible power to increase employee engagement because it delivers a comfort level that permits employees to connect liberally.

Also, a transparent work environment motivates employees positively that they feel appreciated and generate more imagination.

Access and Manage all Information in One Place

Modern intranet access and manage all the information in one portal, which means employees can get all the relevant data, files, and information in one place.

Getting all the data in one place saves research time, frequently improving employees’ efficiency and productivity.

With the search-to-help option, business users can easily search data in just a fraction of a minute, and users get quick and ideal results according to their search.

With the help of this SharePoint intranet online, employees remain updated with all the latest news, documents, and policies.

Ready to Upgrade Your Intranet?

After looking for top reasons why enterprises should upgrade their intranet, we concluded that the intranet portal is essential for organizations because it can improve employee effectiveness. Also, Integrate Office 365 and other Microsoft tools with your intranet and establish governance.

To upgrade and customize your intranet perfectly, you should connect with the best SharePoint consultant who provides best-in-class intranet consulting services, like atQor. We support you in resolving all the consequences systematically. Since SharePoint can be customized, it is possible to design an intranet tailored specifically to your workplace needs.

atQor is very well known as a Microsoft front-line partner, and we are already helping dozens of businesses simplify and digitalize their daily business activity.

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