MS Ignite: Know New Updates on Security, Compliance, Identity & Management

MS Ignite: Know New Updates on Security, Compliance, Identity & Management

November 16, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft Ignite Event

Security Announcement

At Ignite Nov’21; Microsoft declared to provide a top-notch security experience to the customers that could reflect with AZURE and other cloud ecosystems. The new capabilities would be:

Microsoft to Protect Multi-cloud Environment

  • The liberty to assess AWS configuration with more than 150 exceptional customised recommendations.
  • AWS security will get involved in security score establishing an overall firm compliance behavior.
  • Support for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS).
  • Azure preview integration that enables the Team to discover, bifurcate and track critical data across the cloud environment.

The New Defender Secures IoT Devices

IoT operational devices are often tough to secure because they stay unmonitored, making it easy for cybercriminals to initiate a malicious attack against them. Microsoft Defender for IoT is now an exclusive solution that is newly incorporated to get the job done. The software solution also aims to safeguard OT and industrial control system (ICS) devices in varied sectors like manufacturing, energy, water and oil and gas.

The other aspects with security aspects are:

  • Empowering privacy and security management on Azure with confidential cloud computing.
  • Vulnerability management for android and iOS devices. 
  • Defender for Endpoint Plan 1 leverages security capabilities.

Compliance Management

Data lose Protection & Insider Risk Management in Preview 

Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Protection (DLP) and Insider Risk management are getting included with the MS platform. So, recognize your critical data like credit cards, medical documents, intellectual property and other structured and confidential information to defend unauthorised and unethical transfer of information. The system proclaims efficient risk management and stipulation to enhance security behaviour and make firm policies to deactivate malicious attackers.

Other Important aspects on compliance aspects are:

  • Multiple extensions added to information protection for M365 data
  • Updated APIs and connectors enable the organization to address compliance across external data sources.

Identity Announcement

Active Directory of Azure extends Identity Governance capabilities

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Identity Governance now expands its support for many business-critical applications for both on-premises and cloud platforms. Administrators can now consolidate the identity and lifecycle management over every application. This eases the authorised access across the entire ecosystem, reducing the risk factor.

Microsoft expands with Zero Trust Capabilities

At Ignite, Microsoft announces the establishment of a firm identity system across on-premises and multiple cloud platforms. This is to ensure that every identity including apps and workload identities are within an enhanced protection system. This includes:

  • Conditional Access device filters
  • Conditional Access app filters
  • Conditional Access overview dashboard and templates
  • Anomalous token and token issuer detections
  • Continuous Access Evaluation (CAE)
  • One-click enablement for risk data extensibility
  • Conditional Access for workload identities
  • Additional authentication method policies for apps and workload identities (in preview)

New features to Safely Migrate from Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) would modernize the identity and access management for IT admins and operational bodies. This includes the advancement of application types, from on-premises to the cloud. Users can now initiate the migration of apps on AD FS to Azure AD. The capability to migrate from Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) is now in preview.

Management Announcement

Microsoft Defender Coming to Preview

Microsoft Defender is a new Security Solution on the preview that enables organizations to safeguard themselves against cyberattacks. This software solution is specially designed for small to medium-sized business enterprises to target security threats like malware and ransomware for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices.

The key features include:

  • Simplified deployment and management
  • Next-generation antivirus protection and endpoint detection and response
  • Automated investigation and remediation
  • Threat and vulnerability management
  • Microsoft 365 Lighthouse integration with Microsoft Defender for Business

The Endpoint Management releases Cross-Platform Security 

Microsoft is planning to expand the bandwidth of endpoint management solution The updates include:

  • Linux desktop management
  • Endpoint Manager
  • Added improvements
  • Microsoft Connected Cache

Microsoft Sentinel Innovation for full Lifecycle

Microsoft Sentinel, the Microsoft native cloud Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) would optimize the security behaviour with technology like Artificial Intelligence and automated solution across the complete operational lifecycle. 

The updates include:

  • More than 100 solutions in data collection
  • User Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) detection models
  • Using Microsoft Azure Synapse
  • Near real-time analytic rules

Microsoft Teams Announcement

Microsoft Teams to Protect Data and Communication with New Compliance Behaviour

Companies across the globe are relentlessly relying on Microsoft Teams for critical collaboration and communication. To Protect data, stipulation and policies, there have been few capabilities brought in the frame. Those includes:

  • New opportunities to synchronize a retention and deletion policy with Teams.
  • New opportunities for file attachment with Teams.

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