All You Need to Know About Power BI Dashboard In A Day (DIAD)

All You Need to Know About Power BI Dashboard In A Day (DIAD)

May 28, 2018 | Digital Marketing, Power BI

atQor is a member of the Microsoft Power BI Partner Community, which is one of the largest and most extensive collaborations between expert IT companies that have a common goal. atQor aims to use its expertise in developing Microsoft Power BI dashboards for optimal business management and performance.

What is a Dashboard?

Dashboards are central access points for authorized users to view and analyze updated information. This is an excellent way to make sound and safe business decisions for corporations. The ideal dashboard software should allow users to monitor and measure their business performance based on real-time and updated data. The ability to view your overall business performance efficiently on a single page, with an easy-to-use GUI, makes it an excellent business solution.

Why Join Microsoft Dashboard In A Day (DIAD) Program?

The Microsoft-based Dashboard In A Day, or DIAD as it is popularly known, is an excellent way for IT solution providers to connect with potential business clients.

To put it in short, the DIAD program is:

  • An effective way for Business Analysts to learn the immense capabilities of the Microsoft Power BI
  • An entirely free workshop that provides hands-on experience to business analysts and is complete with a presenter deck, a step-wise guide, along with the required dataset.
  • An effective learning program that is updated every month.

This is a single-day workshop aimed at increasing learning and adoption of Microsoft Power BI by businesses worldwide.

Why Choose the DIAD Program?

The DIAD program is an enormously efficient way to:

  • Strengthen the connection between customer and partner by providing extensive interaction opportunities
  • Increase awareness and knowledge about the immense capabilities of using the Microsoft Power BI platform as a business solution
  • Boost the work of the numerous Microsoft community leaders and field partners

The most compelling reasons to host a DIAD are that it is highly effective in:

  • Generating leads that are attracted through displaying your expertise and skills to the targeted customers.
  • Ensuring stronger trust in your ability to perform the task in the customers’ minds.

These long-term benefits spell for wider promotion for your company, not to mention the impressive retention rate you get. Contact atQor for knowing more about Dashboard In A Day (DIAD).

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