Offshore Outsourcing: Know the Benefits, Locations, and Partners

Offshore Outsourcing: Know the Benefits, Locations, and Partners

August 3, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Outsourcing

Years ago, outsourcing was not an absolute sight among the companies and enterprises as most of the organizations had their own IT development team. Today, the situation is entirely different. Top companies around the globe are showing their higher dependency on the outsourcing format. Especially the IT market that has become very viscous after the intervention of the Outsourcing game.

So, what is offshore outsourcing?

Offshore outsourcing is the assigning of a certain task to the companies of overseas locations. Counting on the benefits like Cost-effectiveness, skilled resources, Tax benefits, better operation functionality; The top-notch tech giants like Microsoft are extensively hiring enterprises on the foreign land to accomplish the projects like software development and customer service.

IT outsourcing services companies and Outsourcing software development services are gradually becoming the first business requirement that the companies are seeking.

Why are the US and UK-based companies looking for offshore outsourcing?

  • Maximum return of investment
  • Technically skilled labor
  • Diverse technology knowledge
  • Customized and better software solution
  • Cosmopolitan team culture
  • Excellent soft skills
  • Great command over the English language

Top IT Outsourcing Countries

Top IT Outsourcing Companies

Above is the list of top IT outsourcing countries across the world. Let’s analyze a few prominent among them:

India: Whenever we think about the most prominent IT Outsourcing Countries, the first name which clicks on everyone’s mind is India. Being the largest democracy globally, the country is thickly populated with cheap resources like software developers, IT designers, Tester, and Customer support. A survey defines that Indian IT resources are selling like hot cake in outsourcing industries.

India’s IT industry contributed around 7.7% to the country’s GDP and is expected to contribute 10% to India’s GDP by 2025. The reason for being the place of a good investment is that you always get a cheap resource in India. Cheaper are the resources better will be the ROI (Return of Investment).

Philippines: When it comes to Asian countries, the Philippines is another country that shares the same business structure as India. The price range, Agency’s quality, Nature of talent, and Talent acquisition format that you get in both countries replicate each other. Both countries are quite inclined towards western culture; As a result, there is an avalanche of Job seekers with good English communication. This resulted in making the country an open platform for customer service establishment. Since India and the Philippines are countries with good technical education, developers and resources of other IT profiles are abundant.

Mexico: The Mexican territories are also known for owing outsourced companies. The geographical proximity to the USA has made this place a very thriving land to serve US-based companies. The availability of smart resources is also the reason for the growth of IT Project outsourcing service providers in Mexico. Apart from this facilitation, the country is flooded with 1,20,000 tech graduates from a decent education system every year. Although the country is not so much fluent in English, the competency level in both language and technicality is more than enough.

How to determine your IT outsourcing services company? 

The countries have drastically adopted outsourcing business over the sub-continent and foreign lands, which offers you a long list of service providers. Hence, the three important factors must be kept in mind while choosing the service provider for your business.

Set objectives:

You need to set your own business goal to empower your choice. No one wants to stay on the losing side, so releasing an optimum investment is necessary to maximize the profit.

Always focus on time zones:

Your offshore outsourcing team will certainly work at different time zones. Synchronizing the work, Delivery, and meeting is a big challenge for the companies seeking outsourced resources.

Agreement Stage: 

Do evaluate your vendors and make a firm agreement before assigning the task. Analyze the portfolio and past ventures. That would help a lot.

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