OpenText ECM: Features, Benefits & Solutions for your Business

OpenText ECM: Features, Benefits & Solutions for your Business

May 27, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Digital Solutions

OpenText enterprise content management systems offer contemporary methods of managing your data and information beyond the cynicism of old-school content management format. It helps the information to get connected to their digital business.
Fetching the values from the scattered volume of information has become a big challenge. This sprawling technical inconvenience got eliminated with conviction when the OpenText enterprise content management system is brought into practice.
It leverages the organization to connect the information with people, reducing security concerns, legal risk, and compliance issues.

Which factors are making the OpenText enterprise content management systems successful?

• In-depth integration with application
• Elegant governance of data and information
• Dimensions of used cases
• Highly flexible, Intuitive UI
• High Scalability and performance
• Boost up the digital workplace
• Fetch the content as per the context
• Reduces the compliance risk
• Enhances the content value

ECM Software

Enterprise Content Management Software

To experience a functional content management system, you need to integrate your workforce with a software solution that could manage the lifespan, distribution, and access to information across the company right away from creating to the disposition of the documents. This has to be executed by efficient Enterprise content management (ECM) software.

Certain features should be available in an effective ECM software:

Simple user interface:

A simple, instinctive, and goal-oriented software solution is the most prominent feature enterprises eagerly seek in the ECM model. Connected workspaces ease the deployment of ECM of the business process. More simplified the user interface is, Better would be the connectivity and access of documents and information making the workplace more safe, secure, and protected from external threat.

Better ECM integration:

Your content services platform should have a phenomenal integration and support for the applications such as SAP® ERP and SuccessFactors®, Oracle® E-Business Suite, Salesforce® and Microsoft® Office 365™ and SharePoint®.

ECM collaboration:

Influence the cloud and versatile capacities of OpenText Core Share to expand the venture of corporate data and information into beforehand difficult to-arrange conditions, like far off field laborers or broadened provider and project worker environments.

Content archiving solution:

Safeguard the crucial information with a secure and consolidated archiving solution. It enables you to search and retrieve the information needed from a large volume of stored data.
All these attributes are given by OpenText Enterprise content management. Hence, OpenText is the most reverberating name in the market when it comes to ECM deployment.

What is the future of Enterprise content management systems?

ECM is confined to handling the company’s data with safe hands, but it is an overview of making an integrated work environment where every individual would be entitled to the access and usage of data within its complete life span from creation to disposition.

Automate Your Content Management

Creating content is a digital ecosystem: With the evolution of every technology in the market, ECM is also certain to evolve in the upcoming era. It will be limited to content management and will also leverage a broad range of capabilities like organization, application, and other imperatives. It will lead to content creation in a complete digital platform where the unstructured data would be filtered into relevant information, making the content’s lifecycle more transparent.
Streamlined ECM technology will enhance the digital transformation that would lead to the possibility of meeting the deadline with a faster growth rate.

Content collaboration without limit and boundaries: Social collaboration software has an important role in incorporating information with your work and bringing the team on the same page. Real-time content collaboration without any boundaries will be an unbelievable phenomenon that the future of OpenText enterprise content management holds.

Automation: A self-explanatory and understandable aspect of productive OpenText enterprise content management. A miraculous tool it will turn up into if the line of works like document capture, organization, storage, management, and disposition gets automated. It will not only be cost-effective, but the eradication of manual human error channelizes the format in the most productive fashion.

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