Optimize Your Azure Assessment to Upgrade & Enhance the Course of Business Action

Optimize Your Azure Assessment to Upgrade & Enhance the Course of Business Action

April 11, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Azure

Discover every possible metric to reinforce your cloud infrastructure, asset utility, and business development for better growth, functional operations, and higher return on investment.   

As a certified partner of Microsoft, atQor brings you the simplified and efficient model of Azure environment assessment that offers:  

  • Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) Review   
  • Cloud Maturity Model (CMM) Review    
  • Azure Landing Zone Review   
  • Azure Well Architect Review   
  • Governance Benchmark   
  • Azure Security Benchmark V3.0 (CIS Controls)   
  • Cloud Security Posture review   
  • Regulatory Compliance standard benchmark  

So, let us unlock the bundle and discover the concealed capabilities of each review. 

Azure Environment Assessment Bundle  


Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) Review:

To accelerate and optimize your cloud adoption journey, we offer you end-to-end support and assessment on Azure cloud solutions that help your operations get rid of local data centers and embrace om-premises infrastructural solutions across your company. It consolidates the technical and non-technical parameters to give you the best experience of cloud adoption.   

Cloud Maturity Model (CMM) Review:

Adopting the cloud framework is not sufficient for the operational success of the company. To sustain resilience and competitiveness of modern business is vital for the operation niche. Thus, Cloud Maturity Model deploys end-to-end assistance in making the business agile, secure, and technically integrated.   

Azure Landing Zone Review:

Streamline the scalability, security, governance, networking, and identity that could facilitate the migration, advancement, and innovation of Azure infrastructure. With Azure Landing Zone Review, atQor offers you scratch-to-horizon assistance in framing cloud development for your company.   

Azure Well Architect Review:

To construct the cloud infrastructure should be a viable agenda of an enterprise aspiring for success, and in order to attain such a goal, one should have a reliable service provider in its bucket. atQor offers such services to enterprises across the globe.   

Governance Benchmark:

To recognize the gaps and fill up the loopholes of the cloud infrastructure, you need to have scrutinized governance across the cloud infrastructural platform. As a certified gold partner of Microsoft and a keen Azure Managed Services Expert, atQor offers you the same.   

Azure Security Benchmark V3.0 (CIS Controls):

To enhance and optimize the security workloads, data centers, and information point management, it’s much imperative to guard the cloud infrastructure with Azure security benchmarks offered by service providers like atQor.   

Cloud Security Posture review:

Center around cloud-driven control regions to get predictable with notable security benchmarks, for example, those depicted by the CIS Controls, NIST, PCI-DSS Etc.  

Regulatory Compliance standard benchmark:

Evaluate the design of your assets with prerequisites in industry guidelines, guidelines, and benchmarks to enforce a functional compliance standard for the cloud infrastructure of your company.   

As a leading professional in the market, atQor offers similar capabilities with congruent packages like Azure Silver Service Bundle that holds some additional facilitation as compared to this subscription.

Azure Environment Assessment: A Vital Ignition for Your Business  

There is no business across the globe that can sustain the on-premises infrastructure. Be it a small-scale factory or a mammoth enterprise, Businesses need to rely on cloud computing services or off-premises databases. To leverage this journey, starting from cloud migration to cloud infrastructure usage, atQor has provided end-to-end assistance to multiple enterprises across the globe.   

Thus, it’s time to think off the shelf and create a new benchmark in the business world and respective marketplace. It’s time to adopt the Azure Environment Assessment Solution.   

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