Power BI: Tool for Mutual Fund Portfolio Analysis

Power BI: Tool for Mutual Fund Portfolio Analysis

August 9, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Power BI

Mutual Fund Portfolio Analysis is a prime requirement for the investor, and there are many readymade tools available in the market for the same.

The easiest and free-to-use tool for this is Power BI. Most of the other tools are paid and have limited features. Microsoft Power BI is a business insight and investigation device that gives intuitive representation to dynamics, and Power BI is accessible with different adaptations. For Mutual Fund Portfolio Analysis and Tracking, you will require Power BI Desktop.

Power BI assists associations with observing the market headways and helps in exploring the most recent mechanical patterns. Such Business Analytics of Microsoft is not difficult to utilize, the financial plan cordial, solid, and secure. It is the most brilliant data representation programming that engages the association with its apparatuses and helps clients change their fundamental information assortments into important data.

The business knowledge potential profits the specialized and non-specialized clients to frame outwardly amazing dashboards. Its flexibility makes it a triumph-driven methodology that accompanies straightforwardness and strength in the business measures.

Here are some ways the funds can be analyzed or valued:

  • Total Mutual Fund Investment

The primary representation is Total Mutual Fund Investment. This perception helps you in realizing a complete speculation sum. For the making of representation” Complete Mutual Fund Investment,” click on “Table” under Visualization and select section where you have an absolute venture worth of Mutual Fund. In my situation, it is Cost. After you get complete worth select “Card” representation for legitimate permeability, you can change the worth in thousand, million, and surprisingly billion. You can choose text dimension and type. You can likewise apply the line.

  • Current Mutual Fund Value

To make representation “Current Mutual Fund Value,” click on “Table” under Visualization and select the section where you have the current NAV of Mutual Fund. For my situation, it is Total worth at NAV. After you get absolute worth at NAV, select “Card” perception; you can give a text name for simple distinguishing proof.

  • Unrealized Profit or Loss

Undiscovered Profit or Loss is the next representation. This representation helps you in knowing the benefit or misfortune worth of the whole common asset portfolio or individual assets. To make this, first, click on the “Table” representation and select the section where you have undiscovered benefits or misfortune. For my situation, it is Unrealized Profit/Loss after you get absolute worth snap-on “Card” perception.

  • Fund wise analysis:

To know smart store intricacies in your shared asset portfolio, select “Table” visualization and select multiple column costs, scheme, and unrealized profit/loss. When worth gets reflected, you can choose “Line and Stacked Column Chart.” This will give you store an insightful examination of your common asset portfolio. You can choose a particular common asset to imagine Total MF speculation, current worth and hidden benefit, and misfortune in that asset. You can likewise apply a savvy plan channel.


If you have had some of the best technology service providers for the job, and that’s where atQor comes into the picture.

atQor provides the service of Mutual Fund Portfolio Analysis with Power BI. Mutual Fund dashboard assists with breaking down and picking subsidies that are most appropriate for customers.

  1. We can stay updated with returns, riskiness, or funds ratings where our clients have already invested. 
  2. We get more execution markers that will assist customers with settling on the ideal choices in shared asset speculations. We must propose the best common assets to our customers. Since customers put in their cash to acquire more, there is a higher possibility that customers would invite greater danger. 
  3. To stay away from much damage brought about by vacillations on the lookout, it is proposed that we investigate every one of the accessible reports prior to making any monetary choices for our customers.

You choose atQor as your service provider because we have some of the most experienced and expert tech support to help you with the job. We have many years of experience in the same, and thus we can help you with what you want.

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