SharePoint Migration: Know the Business Benefits and Services

SharePoint Migration: Know the Business Benefits and Services

April 29, 2021 | Digital Marketing, SharePoint

Concept of SharePoint Migration

The procedure of transferring or moving the content from the existing SharePoint to the new environment (Usually of a more recent version) is known as SharePoint migration.

The reason for migration from one version to another may differ from company to company, but the major purpose is to grab the advantages of the updated feature that follows along with the new technology. The purpose of SharePoint migration solely depends on the business necessity, Strategy, and objective.

The tool which facilitates the happening is a SharePoint migration tool (SPMT). It enforces the migration from SharePoint on-premises library to SharePoint in Microsoft 365.

Sharepoint Migration

Types of SharePoint Migration:

Staying to SharePoint On-premises: This is not particularly a SharePoint migration. The SharePoint migration consultant may suggest you stick to the same service only after upgrading the current version. Continuing with the same infrastructure solution, you don’t need to worry about the data security and compliance issue.

Opting for SharePoint Online: SharePoint Online is a cloud-based solution that offers you multiple benefits, including omnipresent availability, a Cost-effective model, and a convenient maintenance format. This business model does not need any external customization, which is another bright side of SharePoint online.

Benefits and Limitations of SharePoint Migration:

  • Great storage capacity: The more storage you are having, the better the possibility of increasing the growth rate. Using SharePoint online, you can have access to 1 TB storage. So, if you are focusing on scalability, SharePoint Data Migration provider should be the first facilitation for your enterprise.
  • Least maintenance: Another significant advantage of SharePoint migration is making the IT market run after this technology. Be it SharePoint On-Premises or online migration; You got the least to invest in maintenance, especially in online migration, which is devoid of any hardware or licensing cost. So, it’s time for you to look for the best SharePoint Data Migration provider and make your business grow.
  • Hybrid Deployment: This excellent feature allows you to bifurcate data storage between on-premises and the cloud. Certain enterprises are sceptical about moving their sensitive and confidential data on the cloud network. With, Hybrid deployment you can have the storage over the on-premises database and move the rest onto the cloud network.

But with the benefits, it Follows some of the drawbacks. Few flaws of SharePoint migration are:

  • Unwanted need for extra Bandwidth: Often, after transferring the data from on-premises to SharePoint online, Users have noticed a gradual decrease in the platform’s speed. This is because online data would understandably consume bandwidth that on-premises database. As a result, either you have to reinstall your internet connection or adjust the router to prioritize the bandwidth of SharePoint online.
  • Data Security: Data security can also be a concerning forte, especially with SharePoint online migration. SharePoint mobile apps’ availability adds more to the degree of threat as crucial corporate information is shared via a mere mobile device. Get service from a proper SharePoint migration consultant to cocoon your data security.
  • Disruption of current customized model: The migration from on-premises SharePoint to SharePoint online comes up with agitation when the customised settings get changed after the update. However, you can dilute the issue by getting a proper consultation from an efficient SharePoint migration consultant during the process.
Sharepoint Migration To Office 365

Features of SharePoint Migration:

  1. Touch screen interface (mobile devices)
  2. Sharp collaboration of documents
  3. Automated updates
  4. Smooth navigation
  5. Great document management
  6. 360-degree presentation

These must be the optimum features that a good SharePoint Data Migration provider should provide. They can lubricate your migration keeping the data security on a priority basis, enhancing your overall business agenda.

There are multiple SharePoint migration companies in the USA and also around the globe, but few could let you experience a top-notch data migration. atQor has given its clients and stakeholders an out-of-the-box service by setting a clear and transparent threshold for the return of investment (ROI) as per their unique business goal.

We aim to plan your data migration, prepare for the process by identifying the existing or possible threat and act as per the blueprint of your migration plan. These exceptional deliveries and competencies have made atQor the champ among the SharePoint Data Migration providers.

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