Task Recorder: An Important Trait Of Dynamics 365 For Modern Business

Task Recorder: An Important Trait Of Dynamics 365 For Modern Business

March 14, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft Dynamics 365

Task recorder is a trait to capture the task automatically that comes along with the general features of Dynamics 365 finance and operations. The task recorder deploys the valuable service of capturing every click that the user is offered as an interactive task guide.

“The flexibility, extensibility, and ease of use of Dynamics 365 enable rapid progress with data enrichment, and this ensures that we provide the best possible patient experience”.  J.D. Whitlock: Chief Information Officer, Dayton Children’s Hospital

Task recorder for finance and operations is indeed facilitation that allows the users to record business for various used cases. For example:

  • A complete and holistic guide through a particular business process in the actual application
  • Full-fledged documentation of business process as Microsoft word document also includes screenshots.
  • Test, analysis, and regression for business process.
  • Automatic functional playback of the feasible process in the application.

Benefits of Task Recorder for Finance and Operation

With so many competitive benefits offered by Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation, any business that is willing to soar high in its respective marketplace cannot miss the fundamental benefits.

Some of them are:

Desk Manuals: 

You don’t need to navigate through manual segments anymore. A Dynamics 365 custom development company can ensure the same finance and operation backgrounds functionality. With just one click over the icon in Dynamics 365, the task guide from the BPM library will be displayed. Further, you will be guided across the steps through every touchpoint of the system.

Easy Documentation Process: 

With the task recorder feature of Dynamics 365, you can initiate the process documentation much more efficiently and effectively. This will allow the users to evaluate the process for future growth and improvement. A Microsoft Gold Partner like atQor offers you an outstanding Dynamics 365 custom development solution that will let you attain the operational niche.

Finance and operations are domains of an enterprise that hold the maximum process documentation requirement. atQor understands the criticality, and hence it brings for you a customized solution of track recorder in Dynamics 365 for enhanced growth and enrichment.

Automated Testing: 

The requirement of testing in any business sector for finance and the operational house is quite inevitable. With the D365FO One Version launch, organizations have constricted time to test their resources. D365 brings an absolute solution to the problem for finance and operation. atQor brings for you an exclusive solution of autonomous track recorder powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 to test the system and IT resources at any point of time across the enterprise.

Constant Improvement: 

After some time, your business cycles will change to exploit new usefulness or acclimate to new revealing and material guidelines. Existing accounts can be handily refreshed; Old cycles can be disposed of, and new cycles can be recorded. Investing in some opportunity to refresh your accounts keeps your application current by affirming staff generally have the right cycles within reach.

Increased Employee Satisfaction:

The growth and flourish of any business depend on the satisfaction level of employees working over there. More is the technical accomplishment of the organization; More will be the satisfaction of the staff and workers. Microsoft 365 accounting software, solution, and services harness the value of Dynamics 365 in your company’s finance and operational department, eventually resulting in the boosting up of employee satisfaction of the entire enterprise.

How to Enable Automatic Screen Shot? 

Download Google Chrome extension

Click “Add to chrome.”

Capture screenshots

How to capture Task Recording?

Click “Task Recorder”

Click “Create recording.”

Enter “Recording name” and “Recording Description.”

Enable “capture screenshot.”

Click “Start recording.”

How atQor’s Dynamics 365 service leverages Finance and Operation?

Being the primary Gold Partner of Microsoft, atQor has shown its capability in leveraging the finance and operation management of a wide range of enterprises. Be it retail, manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, education, or Information Technology, atQor has empowered every sector with its vast pool of technical expertise.

“LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes it easy to take a much more bespoke approach for each contact. We can make our communications much more meaningful to each prospect. We can send InMail directly from Dynamics 365 and then use the timeline feature to set follow-up tasks”. Anthony Pooley: Customer Relationship Manager, Business Savings, Nationwide Building Society

The major advantages offered by atQor are:

  • For example, the integration of Microsoft technology, Office 365 is simple and basic. This ERP assists the organization with improving outcomes by interfacing easily.
  • The retail module is ideal for bringing together a gigantic measure of information and guaranteeing that each merchant and client specialist approaches the required data.
  • By advancing all your manufacturing processes, Microsoft 365 Dynamics Finance and Operations assists you with adjusting to the current market.

Microsoft dynamics 365 for the financial segment has become the most important and integral force of the business, and any company or enterprise missing out on the benefits would stay far behind in the market.

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