The Renowned Counterpart – Azure Vs. AWS

The Renowned Counterpart – Azure Vs. AWS

April 18, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Azure

Autonomous. Transforming. Cognitive. That’s how organizations around the world reckon two of the leading cloud computing services providers – Microsoft Azure and AWS. 

According to the Dgtl Infra’s analysis, among the top 10 cloud services provider globally, AWS and Microsoft Azure are the top 2 ranked innovative cloud tech giants in 2023. 

With a similar set of primary attributes and cloud capabilities, Azure and AWS are 99% equivalent to each other in cloud service performance. However, they contrast with each other in some essential and critical aspects.


Exploring Azure and AWS –

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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform powered by Microsoft that consists of more than 200 cloud products and services designed to bring transformation, solve today’s challenges, and create a robust future for businesses and lives.

According to a survey by Microsoft, Azure cloud computing services are one of the most well-recognized cloud service providers around the globe, with 95% of Fortune 500 companies trusting their business on Azure.  

Azure develops their cloud solutions in various industries, including Healthcare, Financial Services, Government, Retail, Manufacturing, and more.

To develop an app within clouds or to connect multiple clouds in Azure, the developer built a set of REST APIs that support the Azure portal UI. REST API’s Azure service lets organizations programmatically manage their app on the cloud using platform-specific development platforms, including .NET, Node.js, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Go. 

Amazon Web Services is the world’s most comprehensive and well-recognized cloud service platform that have earned trust of millions of customers with its agile on-demand delivery of technology services.

AWS is the most adopted cloud platform with more than 200 fully featured services including compute, database, and storage. Organization of any size and type are using agile services of AWS to reduce the cost on physical infrastructure, to become more efficient, and to innovate faster. 

To built different applications on cloud AWS offers variety of database embedded with latest technologies such as AI, IoT, data lakes, analytics, and ML to experiment and innovate more quickly. 


Azure Vs.  AWS –

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Azure: 

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Advantage and Disadvantages of AWS: 

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Azure Vs. AWS – Are they the Same? 

Azure and AWS are similar in performance, security, storage, and resource management. Selecting the best or better might be challenging, as 99% of Azure and AWS features and functionality are equivalent to each other. 

AWS has historically stood out as the top provider of cloud computing services, while Azure consistently hit the second place in the list. However, Microsoft has shifted the tide towards Azure since 2022 with regular quarterly increases in Azure’s market value.

Since Microsoft started investing in security, the demand for Azure cloud computing has surged consistently. While along with security, Azure provides many other advantages, such as more storage, virtual networking, hybrid capabilities, and more. That aid business with more empowerment, effectiveness, and efficiency.

This were Azure gets an edge on AWS. The security solutions, AI-powered innovative tools, and multi-cloud future-ready cloud solution keep Azure one step ahead of competition. 

Why Azure is better than AWS? – 

Microsoft Azure is the trusted partner of more than 95% of 500 Fortune companies. With price-effective advantages, Azure offers easy migration pathways and the broadest set of compliance with much better security and safety solutions.

One of the most important factors that make Azure better than AWS is its pricing. According to the estimates, Microsoft – businesses that embark on Azure for Windows Server and SQL are paying five times less than what they pay for AWS.

Moreover, Microsoft provides the advantage of a wide range of compliance set with more than 100 compliance certifications, including over 50 specific global regions such as the US, India, China, the UK, Japan, Germany, and 35 specific vital industries such as healthcare, finance, education, manufacturing, and media.

Data security is another critical aspect of Microsoft Azure that keeps Azure out of the competition among 1000 cloud service providers. With seething defending solutions, cutting-edge technologies for real-time security alerts, and protection on data of the highest- caliber, Microsoft is way ahead of AWS. 

Future of Microsoft Azure Cloud – 

Microsoft Azure has registered a 24% increase in market value on a YoY basis. The market share that was 21% in 2021-22 has now been evaluated to 23%, a remarkable 2% increment in market share within one year. With such paced growth and technological advancement, Azure’s future looks bright and smooth. 

Azure to keep pace with the ever-changing market and stand out from the competition, keep cloud services upgraded with the latest technologies like AI capabilities, Data Science, Machine Learning, and data science virtual machines. 

Moreover, Azure open AI added a new dimension to Azure AI offerings by providing access to the most robust language models like chatGPT-3, GPT-4, and Codex.

Hence the future of Azure will be more transformative and unique, which will aid businesses with more flexibility, efficiency, and empowerment. 

However, businesses looking for computing power, database, cloud-based application building, AI innovative tools or transformation in business using cloud services need expert assistance, whether it is for AWS or Azure. 

Organizations looking to embark on Microsoft Azure will need assistance or need to partner with Microsoft Azure Expert MSP or Azure Experts. AWS organizations should look for seasoned AWS partners.

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