Answers to (What, Who, Why) Dynamics 365 for Marketing your Business

Answers to (What, Who, Why) Dynamics 365 for Marketing your Business

November 9, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft Dynamics 365

What is Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a product line of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) intelligent business applications.

  1. Dynamics 365 for Sales 
  1. Dynamics 365 for Customer service 
  1. Dynamics 365 for Field Service 
  1. Dynamics 365 for Human Resource 
  1. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations 
  1. Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management 
  1. Dynamics 365 for Commerce 
  1. Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation 
  1. Dynamics 365 for Marketing 
  1. Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence 
  1. Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality 
  1. Dynamics 365 Business Central 

Today we are going to talk about Dynamics 365 for Marketing. 

What is Dynamics 365 for Marketing? 

Dynamics 365 for Marketing was a specially built marketing solution to aid with both creative and data-driven marketing. It has a range of tools that help monitor possible leads, set up and sustain automated campaigns across numerous channels, organize events, and track the performance of various strategies.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for marketing is integrated with Dynamics 365 for sales, business intelligence, and customer service tools.  

ERP for marketing: 

The modern ERP solution is a primary data source of sales and marketing strategies. But not many companies use this software with front-office practices in mind. Companies are asking how ERP systems can create new business opportunities.  

CRM for marketing: 

CRM helps collect and organize your information effectively and tells you what you need to know about your customers. Their preferences, what they would probably like to purchase etc. The sooner the use of CRM starts, the better the relationship gets. 

Who can use Dynamics 365 for marketing?

It all the features suitable for all the businesses but there is a possibility it might suit more to some than others. The depth and complexity it has in its tools make it easier for small businesses to be well off with an entry-level cloud marketing platform. For larger business operations, Microsoft suggests using the Adobe marketing cloud that runs on the company’s Azure platform. 



Email and Website creation: 

The email sent to leads and potential customers can be generated and customized from Dynamics 365 itself. It has a drag-and-drop interface, allowing the easy building of professional emails based on different templates. And the design of each template is created in a way to looks good across all devices. With an integrated HTML editor, coders can make necessary tweaks to the layout and appearance of mails. After sending out messages, the extensive data of if they have been opened, interacted forwarded, etc., is centralized. 

Customer Journey: 

It has a core marketing feature that allows creating and implementing strategies aiming at particular customers. Users can simply drag-and-drop interface and build a gradual journey for prospective customers.  


Organizing meetings or events is also an integral part of marketing, and Dynamics 365’s features allow integration directly into your strategy. Events handled by Dynamics 365 Marketing: 

  • Initial planning and budgeting- there is a guide for all those who have never planned events before. It also has tools for registration, contact, and attendance management.  
  • Promotion and publication- you can set up a website for the event with all the important information imported from schedules. Guests can also register, and this information will be conveyed back to you. 
  • Webinar creation also has features that help you set up and run webinars and other online events. 
  • Evaluation- you can track the activities of attendees and use various measures to determine the efficiency and ROI of events and track the creation of new leads.  

These are various benefits of Dynamics 365 for marketing. These show why your company needs Dynamics 365 for marketing right away.  

atQor, one of the top IT firms, is here to provide you with Dynamics 365 solutions and help you apply them. Our consultants will be present with you to navigate you through every step, right from implementing Dynamics 365, creating the Dynamic 365 dashboard for personalization, and all the way through. As each company has its own needs and thus, we also provide customized Dynamics 365 solutions as per your organization’s needs and requirements.  

Thus, you should right away hire atQor as your Dynamics 365 marketing solutions provider.  

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