Why are Organizations Migrating from AWS to Microsoft Azure?

Why are Organizations Migrating from AWS to Microsoft Azure?

February 21, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Azure

What is Cloud Migration? Why is it Required?

Now, whenever we talk about cloud migration, the first flinch of thought that occurs on your mind is either AWS to Azure or Azure to AWS migration. Cloud migration is particularly the movement of data, applications, and services from on-premises Infrastructure to cloud platforms. It is also referred to as the transfer of such business elements from the current cloud platform to the desired online data center. With an omnipresent, scalable, and multi-operational behavior, enterprises are widely looking forward to serving their customers at a broad range. This gives rise to cloud services that include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings. These establishment and facilitation have become critical for the business, which has been why enterprises are relentlessly moving from AWS to the Azure cloud platform.

Factors to be Consider While Migrating from AWS to Azure

The public-cloud-to-public-cloud migration projects always come up with certain challenges and advantages as well. To hold on to the benefits and get beyond the challenges, one must count on an exceptional Microsoft Gold partner like atQor. We have the high degree of capability to understand the requirement of our clients and customers and deliver a phenomenal Azure migration experience.

Some of the vibrant factors that must be taken care of are: 

  • Diversity of cloud suppliers that may include beneficial strategies & vendor lock-in. 
  • Skills of staff and assigned employees to drive the migration successfully. 
  • Evaluating the technical maturity of cloud migration to collaborate public cloud service providers. 
  • Relationship or agreement with a cloud service provider would facilitate unique licensing benefits. 
  • Mergers and acquisitions to encourage migration from AWS to Azure 

How to Successfully Migrate from AWS to Azure?

How To Migrate From Aws To Azure

In order to ensure that the IT team is experiencing a functional and easy migration without any operational breach, One has to bring forward the following steps: 

Draft a feasible migration assessment:  Evaluate the nature of migration that would be feasible for the company. The service provider needs to have a transparent perception and show a draft idea of the migration structure comprising the movement of data and services. Plan your action and then put action on your plan. 

Establish a firm and supported operating system: Get an operating system like Windows or Linux to build a setup of Azure cloud. An excellent service provider like atQor works well to ensure the correct and optimized operating system and conveniently get the job done. Unfortunately, they do not have the capability to support another operating system. Anyways all Infrastructure works well in the windows operating system. 

Get the server ready for AWS to Azure migration: Backing up and getting the server prepared for Azure migration is a major task to cop up with. This often falls under the line of confusion that to which tools should be chosen and which version would support well in the migration format. The correct technology has to be selected to reinforce the server with data recovery capability. 

Prepare your resources and skilled employees: An experienced andtalented set of employees and workers are the minimum requirement to make the migration successful. Hire and get onboard the azure migration consultants who can understand the problems and needs of clients and let them taste a remarkable migration experience. 

Follow customized policy for a successful migration: The orthodox rules often don’t work for migrating from AWS to Azure. You need to get a service provider that would bring a tailor-made or customized solution to the problem and demand. A complete guide with safety and convenience must be available in the bucket of your chosen service provider.

Let’s Connect With atQor for Azure Migration Consult

Azure And Aws
  • Identify the resources that have to be migrated 
  • Design a feasible cloud solution 
  • Prepare your migration plan 
  • Figure out the migration issues along with the solution 
  • Facilitate overview and training for data recovery 
  • Deploy post-migration service 

Being the gold partner of Microsoft, atQor holds high accountability to carry on the service. So, hurry up and contact us with best Azure migration consultant at the earliest. 

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