Why would the healthcare industry adopt Microsoft 365?

Why would the healthcare industry adopt Microsoft 365?

May 2, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Microsoft 365

The Healthcare industry values time because it can save lives within fractions of seconds. Have you ever thought of an automated healthcare industry equipped with the latest technology? Integrating all these advanced features has already started in various healthcare industries like hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and pathology labs.  

Nowadays, though there is an advancement in technology, certain healthcare institutions face issues in receiving real-time updates on the patient’s medical information. Besides, the healthcare industry requires automated health systems and advanced solutions that meet patients’ requirements.  

Microsoft 365 results from the technological innovation changing how doctors, the healthcare industry, and health professionals communicate and operate to offer advanced personal care to patients and their families.  

Now, let us look at the ways and reasons to adopt Microsoft 365 services in the healthcare industry.

How Is Microsoft 365 Revolutionize The Healthcare Industry? 

Microsoft 365 healthcare is a suite of software programs dedicated to serving the healthcare industry that integrates Office 365 services, advanced security, and cloud collaboration tools for real-time streamlining of medical operations. 

Take benefit of in-built advanced data security with Microsoft 365 

Have you heard of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) before? If you are in the medical and healthcare field, you might be aware of this act. The central idea of this act is to protect the medical information and records of the patients.  

However, data and information security are of primary concern in the healthcare and medical field. Due to this critical reason, Microsoft 365 offers a secure cloud platform, like OneDrive, with advanced security features like identity theft protection, anti-phishing features, antimalware, data loss prevention, etc. Also, the Microsoft Teams is HIPAA compliant, which offers a secure communication platform.   

Centralized messaging platform 

The electronic centralized messaging platform for the healthcare industry should offer high-security levels. There might arise an emergency medical situation where doctors require patients’ confidential medical records for detailed analysis.  

With the help of Microsoft 365 services, doctors and other health professionals can use a convenient and secure platform to fetch vital information. Microsoft Teams offers a centralized messaging and communication platform for doctors.  

It introduces a unique feature in chat: when a message is marked urgent, the recipient receives the notification every two minutes, and it automatically stops after responding to it.  

Besides, the doctors or users can capture images, upload files, and share vital information in the chat group with the chat feature. In this manner, Microsoft teams offer security and compliance requirements for healthcare organizations. 

Video Meetings on the go with Microsoft Teams 

Multiple doctors and health professionals must attend the medical emergency even while traveling, remotely, or on the go. For this purpose, Microsoft 365 healthcare has built-in integration of Microsoft teams with video meeting services.  

However, doctors can schedule and conduct video meetings by using Microsoft Exchange to discuss the patient’s medical reports and solutions regarding the suitable method to cure them.  

Also, they can send voice notes, video messages, files, and other vital information about patients to the doctors outside the organization by using Microsoft 365. 

Automated Streamlined workflows for daily updated reports 

Doctors and medical teams require a centralized collaboration platform to consult about the medications in the healthcare industry. Health specialists need to know about the type of primary care doctors undertaking, and nurses must understand updated care plans.  

Streamlined workflows are the perfect ways to manage these communications and utilize this situation. Hence, by using Microsoft Teams, doctors, healthcare workers, and medical experts can create customizable automated workflows with limiting access to files.  

So, with these streamlined workflows, you can utilize Microsoft cloud for healthcare services to share announcements for a real-time update on critical information. 

Do the healthcare industry and technology innovation connect with each other?  

Real-time secure communication is essential for the healthcare industry; that affects life and death adversely. Although, atQor has offered Microsoft 365 technology solutions to the healthcare industry, making their process automated with streamlined workflows. For appropriate guidance, you can contact atQor, which provides instant Microsoft office 365 consulting services for healthcare industry solutions. 

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