Why You Should Adopt the Microsoft Power Platform in 2022?

Why You Should Adopt the Microsoft Power Platform in 2022?

June 27, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Power Platform

It’s common for business owners to feel trapped from time to time. Sales have plateaued, finding a productivity boost has become difficult, or you feel stuck. When this happens, you may want the assistance of a fresh pair of eyes to help you re-energize and grow your company. Here’s where power platform consulting services providers come to the rescue.

Power platform consultants can tailor one powerful business platform or application within Microsoft 365 using No code – low code tool combining Power apps, Power BI, Power Automate, Power virtual, AI Builder, and Power app portals (AI builder and power app portals are newbies more on that in this blog ahead). It’s time for you to leap the powertrain and grab benefits from this great platform. As Gartner predicts, by 2025, 70% of new enterprise applications will rely on power platform technologies to grow their business.

Why Do We Need Microsoft Power Platform in 2022?

The crisp and sententious answer is to unify and sharpen the business operations infusing required efforts to increase the scalability and productivity of the organization for better growth and development.

Furthermore, organizations can better match their business and technical strategies to achieve success using Microsoft Power Platform technology.

During the adoption process, Microsoft Power Platform provides tools, guidance, and narratives that help develop technologies, business, and people strategies for attaining targeted business goals.

Why Should you Adopt Power Platform in 2022?

The familiar but upright saying —– ‘The Change is the only Constant’ leading to this quote to survive, to exist, and to triumph, the only thing that requires is “Change.” Adopting the change will lead any organization to achieve its objective effortlessly.

And so, adopting a power platform for your organization is leading you towards change, which leads your organization ultimately on the road to success.

Adopting a power platform does not limit success, but it has numerous advantages and gains which advance the organization at the chief.

Why Should You Adopt Power Platform In 2022

The table cited beyond provides clear and straight knowledge of how the power platform has assisted different areas of the organization with different solutions from one platform.

The era of automation has changed the course of businesses, the organizations continue to generate a significant volume of data because of speedier operations enabled by automation. Which eventually led them towards the triumph of business.

The boons of Microsoft Power Platforms Services haven’t been over and done here, other than Microsoft Power Platform is continuing to explore more by introducing AI builder and Power Apps Portal early in 2022.

Microsoft Power Platform release wave 1 for 2022 outlines new features coming to Microsoft Power Platforms from April to September 2022, including AI builder and Power Apps Portal.

AI Builder

A feature of the Microsoft Power Platform called AI Builder offers Ai systems that are developed to streamline your company’s operations.

AI Builder empowers your business to use intelligence in Power Apps and Power Automate to automate activities and get insights from data.

You may use AI Builder to take advantage of the benefits of AI without any coding or data analytics skills.

You may either choose a preconfigured model that is ready to use for many standard business cases, or you can build custom models to meet your specific requirements.


Power App Portals

Power Apps portals continue to invest in providing more out-of-the-box tools to accommodate low-code / no-code development and professional developers.

Organizations can securely extend data and business operations to internal and external users using Power Apps portals. It enables businesses to construct multilingual, responsive, and branded portals.

Power up Your Business Value with Power Platform

Companies are passionately looking for ways to better efficiently harness, organize, and make sense of it all as work gets increasingly computerized and the amount of information kept within our businesses continues to expand dramatically. Looking forward to that Microsoft Power Platform Services provider like atQor can help you to adopt the changes made during the year or in upcoming years. As Microsoft keeps on modifying the technology as per requirement and creating the vast opportunities for organization to explore up till sky. As they say, ‘The Sky is Limit’.  


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