Why your business needs Microsoft Power Platform in 2021?

Why your business needs Microsoft Power Platform in 2021?

September 27, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Power Apps

With unexpected changes that we have faced in the past year and a half, technology has played a particularly significant role in our work lives. Many companies have started getting back to the office. Some are still remote working. Microsoft Power Platform is helping the company and employees from working from anywhere and yet no compromise in work and keep them connected.  

Power Platform includes: 

  • Power Apps- for building custom applications 
  • Power Virtual Agents- building chatbots without coding 
  • Power Automate- automation of processes and workflow 
  • Power Bi- visualization of data and insight sharing 

Power Apps: 

Power Apps help build applications with little to no code. Three types of applications can be built in here. 

  • Canvas Apps– Built from the drag-and-drop builder in blank existing templates or data sources. Further modifications can be done using Excel-like formulas.  
  • Model-driven Apps– These apps don’t require any codes to be written. You have to model data using relationships, forms, views, business rules, and Power Apps will automatically create the interface based on the data model. 
  • Portal Apps– Apps providing public-facing websites that provide anonymous and authenticated browsing experiences that allow users to interact with data held inside Common Data Service. 

Power Virtual Agents

It is a tool in Power Platform that is utilized to make chatbots that draw in clients or interior representatives to give some degree of computerized AI reasoning help.  

Power Automate: 

Power Automate is used to automate processes and workflows, and it is done by using flows inside Power Automate that connect data sources. 

These flows interact with data using connectors. Flows are built on triggers in order to provide some sort of automated action.  

Power BI: 

Power Bi is used to analyze data and create visualizations to provide business intelligence for making informed decisions. 

You can collect data and information from various data sources like Common data services, Excel files, or storage sources. By bringing these data sets together, you can create visualizations for reports and dashboards. 

Power Bi, Power Automate, Power Apps can help businesses reach heights in 2021. 

Improvement in Remote working setup: 

Work from home seems to be a big part of our jobs right now. And companies are finding ways to make this time more productive and sustainable. The right technology to help with this is Power Platforms.  

As the name suggests, Power Automate helps you automate the common workplace processes like onboarding and invoicing, and more. Tasks can be assigned automatically, and collaboration is made easy. And Power Apps help you build custom applications for managing and governing things like attendance and appraisals etc.  

Visualize and connect business data: 

It becomes a little harder to keep track of employees’ work while remote working and what improvements are needed. Power BI helps collect data and information on employees working and use of the tools. This will provide you with information that can help make work more profitable. 

Cut costs: 

Power platform helps improve the productivity of everyday processes and cut costs. Because Power Bi, Power Automate, Power Apps are low code platforms that help even non-IT employees get started with their own business process. With low-code tools, it’s easier to access and improve the technology without any extra costs. It is easier to build and improve technologies and applications with these low-code tools without any extra cost and increased productivity. 

Enhance security and compliance: 

2021 has increased the security and compliance standards, and there are consequences for those who get it wrong. Power Apps help accelerate, automate, and improvise the process involving compliance and information protection.  

To ensure data safety, your Power Platform Developer needs to ensure that data is being saved at a proper place, shared with the right people, and deleted at proper intervals. Power Automate helps you automate the process by setting reminders for the deletion of sensitive data. And you can also apply permissions and access to the folder through Microsoft Information Protect, and thus wherever you have worked, the data is saved at the right place.  

Microsoft Power Platform: 

Power Platform can help you achieve anything no matter where you work. Anybody can start designing new processes, apps, and workflows that help your business deliver more. Whether it’s productivity improvement, compliance enablement, or understanding about your employees’ work- Microsoft Power Platforms hold the key to success.  

This is how Power Platform will help your business reach new heights in 2021 and keep you a step ahead in the competition. Connect with a certified Power Platform Consultant now.  

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